National ‘Adopt a Rescued Rabbit’ month at Waukesha humane society

Candy Cane, one of the many, adoptable rabbits available at the Waukesha Humane Society.

Candy Cane, one of the many, adoptable rabbits available at the Waukesha Humane Society.

Are you looking for a new friend?  Maybe a four- legged friend? Well you are in luck because this month is National ‘Adopt a Rescued Rabbit’ month.  Rabbits are lovable friends for life. From grooming to binkies, everything they are and do are downright adorable.  These sweet, little creatures are lovable, as well as quiet animals. They like to cuddle and just be loved.  Although rabbits can be messy animals, they are well worth getting. Your rabbit can also learn to be litter trained. They are quick learners and litter training your rabbit will be easy and worth it in the long run.  

At the Waukesha Humane Society (HAWS) they have various rabbits to choose from.  Both single rabbits and bonded rabbits are available. If you already have a rabbit but are looking for a friend for him or her, bring your rabbit into HAWS for a date with one of the other rabbits. The Humane Society will pair you furry friend up with the perfect match. From baby bunnies to adults, the age among the rabbits ranges from all over.  HAWS will give you information on rabbit care and handling even if you are planning to adopt or not.

At a recent visit to HAWS for a rabbit date, I had the opportunity to talk to the head of the small animal department. An expert on rabbits and any small animal, Sharon, treats all the animals like they are her own and provide them with lots of love and care.

Is a rabbit the right kind of pet for you? Rabbits can be abandoned for all sorts of reasons. Give them another chance at a real home. Visit HAWS to see if a rabbit is the animal for you. Also, included with all rabbit adoptions is a free book on house- rabbit handling. If you are still on the edge about adopting a rabbit or not, give a visit to HAWS, and they will most likely change that.