NBW juniors celebrate Prom 2014, The Great Gatsby


The theme for this year’s Junior Prom was The Great Gatsby

New Berlin West’s Junior Prom took place on April 26th, 2014, and was officially declared “the best night” by most of the excited, junior class.  Even though grand march was said to begin at 4pm that day, most were prepped and all ready to go by 2pm.  Grand march marked the start of the night as couples were called onto the stage and introduced to the audience, while parents flashed their cameras at their beloved child and their date.  The stage also set the mood for the dance’s theme which was Great Gatsby, by having Gatsby- themed balloons, and a piano playing in the background.  Later, court couples were announced, and the Prom 2014 princess, prince, queen, and king were announced.  Calvin Bush handed his throne of Prom 2013 prince down to Blake Church, while Jenna Brzeski handed her throne over to Allie Thomas for princess.  Next, Dom Ropella, last year’s king, placed his crown from the previous year onto Mindika Wijenayake as the audience applauded their new king.  Finally, last year’s queen, Rachel Butler, proudly passed her throne onto Sophia McQuitty, to end the march.  Prom 2014 was on its way as juniors began to load the buses and excitement filled the air.

This year’s prom took place at Davian’s Banquet and Conference Center.  As students entered the room, which is where the dance was held until 11:30pm, they were mesmerized by its beauty.  Blue lights circled the room, projecting onto the walls.  Elegant chandeliers hung from the ceiling, nailing the theme of the night, and a classic- styled bar sat in the corner of the room, offering numerous drinks to the students.  The tables were also well- designed, as white cloth hung from the tables and chairs.  The table’s center pieces were very beautiful, each surrounded by three, small candles.  Soon, salads were being passed around to tables, letting students know that it was time for dinner. Bread baskets were also handed to each of the tables while they waited for the buffet.  One-by-one, tables were released to take a group picture, or couple pictures, along-side a 1920s- style cardboard car.  As the buffet opened, tables rushed to the food, which included fruit, green-beans, noodles, chicken, pork, and mashed potatoes.  Dessert, which happened to be some delicious chocolate mousse, was released as most of the juniors finished up their main course.

As tables were shifted out of the way, the dance floor began to open up.  The only thing that could have been better was the size of the dance floor.  It was quite small for the whole junior class to fit in; however, the students made it work and seemed to enjoy themselves anyways.  The DJ also added to the excitement of the night, playing many pump- up, party hits, and sing-a-longs.  There was never a dull moment on the dance floor because of how the DJ incorporated the students in with each song.

The 2014 post- prom took place at Dave and Busters, which seems to be a class favorite as it was also the post- prom celebration of 2013 as well.  The junior class had a blast as arcade games, photo booths, cartoon drawings, and tattoos were offered all night long.  Also, a food buffet was also out for grabs all night.  Even though post- prom lasted from 12am to 2:30am, it seemed as if no one was tired, and excitement was still in the air.

As the 2014 prom night came to a close, the junior class was devastated to go home.

“It definitely exceeded my expectations.  It was a fun- filled night, and I was very pleased and happy with the outcome”, says junior, Alex Weis.  Prom is the one night every high- school student should look forward to attending.  I am more than glad to say that prom was most definitely the best night of my life.