Godzilla proves to be incredible

Godzilla stomping across San Franciso. It is a must see movie for action film fans.

Godzilla stomping across San Franciso. It is a must see movie for action film fans.

The story starts out in the Philippines with people prospecting a giant cavern, which turns out to be, what looks like, Godzilla. However, they take some spores with radiation on them back to a nuclear power plant in Japan. Shortly after, the whole place gets destroyed by an unknown force. Joe Brody, played by Bryan Cranston, then shortly loses his mind and gets hung up on some outside force that possibly lives in the oceans off of Japan.

He spends his spare time studying seismic activity that isn’t from the Earth itself ,and soon he finds out why this seismic activity has been occurring.

Joe and Ford, Joe’s son, get into a sticky situation and witness Mothra coming out of his egg. The whole place gets destroyed and soon after, Joe dies. Because Mothra is out, Godzilla realizes that it’s time to come out of hiding and do some justice to him. However, soon after Mothra is romping around, another one pops up in Las Vegas and soon tears the place apart. Now, Godzilla has to fight two at one time and obviously has his work cut out for him.

Godzilla is a movie you MUST SEE. The movie captures all of Godzilla in his essence.

The movie is dark in most spots, but it just makes it even more epic. The movie’s plot is solid with very little to no holes at all. I like how they included Mothra in the story because he is obviously going to be the villain. However, I misunderstood Godzilla in the fact that he was a good guy because I’ve always thought he was bad. Also, Godzilla just took all of the rockets like a man and still chose not to waste all of humanity because he more than had the power to do so.

Also, the sound effects really did more than help create the movie because whenever Godzilla let out this screech, you could hear it echo for probably miles. The sound effects sound superior to any other movie I have ever seen.

Also, the fight scenes are fluent and in large excess which makes for a superb movie overall.

Overall, I would rate this movie 9.3 out of 10!