Yearbook signing etiquette


The end of the year is coming quickly. This means students will be receiving their yearbooks and trying to get as many signatures as possible.  This is the time to write a memorable note, so those graduating have a positive remembrance of you.  There are five basic guidelines that, if followed, will allow a proper and memorable signature.

The number one thing to know when signing yearbooks is how to spell their name.  It will be extremely embarrassing for you and make the person whose yearbook you’re signing feel bad.  If somebody you don’t know very well asks for your signature, simply start your note with a “hey!”  Then proceed to right a nice note such as “it was nice seeing you around this year, I hope you enjoy your summer.”

We all know the term H.A.G.S. which many students lazily use as an excuse for a remembrance note.  Yearbooks are designed to evoke high school memories that we may have forgotten, and a simple H.A.G.S. just won’t do.  There are many other things to say that will mean much more in the future.

There are many ways to make your signature one to remember.  This includes leaving a witty comment.  If you think of something funny to say, quick write it down; it will be a nice note to look back at, but don’t take too long.  There is nothing worse than somebody who holds your yearbook for more than two minutes.  If you are determined to leave a funny quote, look some up on the internet and switch it up with each yearbook, but make sure they resemble you in some way.

Another way to go is mention an inside joke.  This will probably only occur with people you are closer to, and by writing something only the two of you share, you will surely be remembered in a positive light.

Next, assess how much space you should take up.  If they are someone you know moderately well, use about two by three inches.  If you are closer, then feel free to use more space and if they are your absolute best friend take up to half a page.

Additionally, you want to make sure you sign your name legibly because in the future nobody will remember you if they can’t read your name.  If you sign your name clearly, there is a better chance people will remember who you were in high school.

Lastly, there is one more tip to make your signature even more memorable.  Use colors and fun prints! If your signature is colorful and unique looking, more people will read it and more people will remember you.

The whole point of a yearbook is to remember your classmates after graduation, and if you follow these steps, you will surely be one on everyone’s mind when reminiscing.