A successful transition


Roxanne Panas

Band Director Ekenberg, enjoying his first few months at West. He has previously taught at smaller districts, but is settling into New Berlin with ease.

The students of New Berlin West have obtained a variety of new teachers this school year, among them Timothy Ekenberg. Ekenberg gladly shares his thoughts on West as a school and the students who attend as he assumes the role of NBW’s new band director.

The NBW High School Marching Band has been working on their annual field show with the help of Ekenberg and drum major Shannon Fisher since the end of August. The band is performing the iconic music of the Beatles and the show has come a long way, according to Ekenberg.

“I think we’ve done some very good work, especially for a new director-new band situation,” Ekenberg states, “everyone’s kind of getting used to each other and I think it was a little…shaky at the beginning, when we were all kind of figuring each other out and…all that was going on, but I’m very happy with where we are now.”

A lot has changed for Ekenberg this year. He shares that a lot of things are different at West in comparison to the small schools where he previously taught.

West is very fortunate to have a functioning orchestra program, which Ekenberg did not have experience with at his other schools. Also, Ekenberg was surprised to find out that students start the band program in sixth grade in the School District of New Berlin instead of starting in high school.

Overall, Ekenberg feels that his first months at West have been a success.

“The administration and other teachers have done a good job of helping me out and making sure I’m doing alright in my first few months here,” said Ekenberg.

Along with marching and concert band at NBW, Ekenberg will also have a hand in the pit orchestra for the school’s musical this year. Ekenberg has recruited a few members of the band to prepare for the play Oklahoma! in collaboration with Dana Staaden, NBW’s orchestra teacher.

Ekenberg looks forward to the rest of the year with the NBW band and although he has only been at West for almost three months, he already plans to return next year if all goes well, bowtie and all.