Logan Movie Review: An Emotional Send-off for Wolverine


Austin Graf

There are spoilers below.


Logan loosely follows the comic book series, “Old Man Logan” from 2008. This movie marks Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart’s last appearance as Wolverine and Charles Xavier, also known as Professor X. The story follows Logan, one of the last original mutants still alive. He has adamantium poisoning in his body causing him to lose his regeneration abilities meaning he’s weak and ages normally. He is caring for a dying Charles Xavier who is suffering from a disease that causes him to lose control of his telepathic abilities to devastating effects. Both of them are in hiding, trying to stay off the grid until a girl named Laura shows up and if you watched the trailers, you know that she has claws, similar to Logan’s. It is definitely a darker, more depressing film compared to the rest in the series, but it is rated R.


The movie opened with a whopping 241 million dollars. Everything about this movie was perfect, from the opening scene to the end credits. The story was just amazing, and the chemistry between the whole cast was a big factor in that. The music was great, it helped add the “somber, depressing” vibe when it was needed.


Logan/ Wolverine has always been cold-hearted but in this movie, he changes, because of the events and people he is surrounded with. I like to think of it as the progression and downfall of Logan, physically, he’s dying and growing old, but he emotionally changes.


Something interesting to know that adds to the depressing part of Wolverine is the fact that he has been around for over 200 years, he has lost many things in his lifetime.The only person he has left is Charles, and he’s near the end of his life. I guess for me, it made it more emotional because slowly you can see them dying throughout the movie.


Going back to what I said about this movie being a great send-off for Jackman and Stewart, I want to mention their endings. The way Charles died was very shocking and to me, very unexpected, during that scene, maybe half way through the movie, that’s where I felt the adrenaline kick in, I say this alot but I was at the edge of my seat. Logan’s ending had to be one of the saddest movie deaths that I’ve seen. He fought as hard as he could, you could see him getting slower and weaker during the final fight. I loved what Laura did when her and the other mutant kids were getting ready to leave in the last scene.


I felt that this movie was one of the best superhero movies that I’ve ever seen, maybe even the year’s best film but we still have many runner ups. This movie wouldn’t have been half as good as it was if it hadn’t been rated R. This movie was a big step for superhero movies. Deadpool and Logan are the only two marvel films that have an R rating and proved that having that rating is essential in making a good movie because ultimately, directors can fulfil their ideas the way they should be created. Comic book stories tend to be darker, violent, and bloodier. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, it is worth seeing on the big screen.