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Steven Hashek


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – According to a new study by the Washington Post, the latest successful test in the North Korean nuclear program was actually way more powerful than reported by media in both North and South Korea. The new study made by the South Korean government proved that the missile’s power was equivalent to nearly 17 times the strength of the first atomic bomb the Americans dropped over Japan in 1945 to end World War II. The missile, which was launched on Sunday, September 3, was North Korea’s sixth successful test in the nuclear program. It was also the most powerful one launched so far. After the missile was launched, according to the South Korean Defense Ministry, the South Korean Air Force conducted its first live fire drill to test their preemptive strike capability.



According to CNN, the North Korean government showed their anger against the United States by focusing on Guam, an island territory in the southwestern Pacific Ocean near Australia. Guam is a territory that has been owned by the United States since 1898, when the Spanish surrendered the island to the Americans in the Spanish-American War. Guam holds two major U.S military installations and is the closest U.S territory to North Korea. The island has been threatened by North Korea many times in 2013 and has already received many threats this year. Earlier in August, the North Korean government made threats against the small island territory, forcing residents to practice war-related drills and make preparations in case the North Koreans decided to attack. So far, the North Koreans have not made any kind of attacks on the island, but many believe that the threats will continue to be made.



Before and during World War II, the entire Korean peninsula was territory that was occupied by the Empire of Japan. In September of 1945, when the Japanese surrendered in World War II, the Japanese were forced to give up the Korean territory and were also forced to get their army out of the area. The Korean peninsula was then occupied by two leading superpowers: The Soviet Union (which is Russia today) and the United States. Because the two countries occupied the area, the Korean peninsula was divided along the 38th parallel. The north was occupied by the Soviet Union while the south was occupied by the United States. Since the Soviet Union was a communist country, the power of communism quickly rose in North Korea, and it’s still one of the five remaining communist countries in the world today. In 1948, the two countries realized that the governments in both countries could have authority of their own countries, so the Americans and the Soviets withdrew from Korean territory.

On June 25, 1950, things changed when North Korean forces began an invasion of South Korea. This officially started the Korean War. This forced President Harry Truman to send American troops to defend their South Korean allies and fight off the North Koreans. When the fighting at the Manchurian border in China occurred, the Chinese began to get involved in the Korean War. China, like the Soviet Union and North Korea, was also a communist country during that time, and it still is today. In 1950, China was the second largest Communist country in the world after the Soviet Union and it was also the world’s most populous country. The new threat emerged of direct conflict with the United States and China. In July of 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower issued an armistice for peace between North Korea and South Korea. It was signed later that month, officially ending the Korean War. By this time over 3 million people were dead. Most of them were citizens of North Korea.

Over in North and South Korea, things are different. Many people in both countries believe that the Korean War still goes on. This is because of the threats of war that North Korea makes to other countries. Specifically, to South Korea and the United States.



TOKYO, JAPAN – According to The New York Times, On Tuesday, August 29, The North Korean government launched its fourth missile within a four day time period. One of these missiles failed. The fourth missile was launched from the Sunan Air Base in the western part of the country and the missile flew rapidly eastward. In northern Japan, near Cape Erimo and its surrounding areas, emergency sirens sounded and emergency messages were sent out informing the Japanese that the North Koreans launched a missile.

All over Japan, warnings were sent out to civilians and people in as far south as Tokyo climbed into safe shelters in case this was an attack. Fortunately, the missile did not strike Japan. The missile traveled 1,700 miles within 15 minutes after it was launched before disappearing into the Pacific Ocean.   



According to Fox News, on Thursday, October 12, North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un mocked President Donald Trump by calling him “The Rabid Man of the White House”. They also made a threat to attack the United States with an “immense volley of nuclear fire”.

The message was sent out just a fews days after the North Korean government sent out a message to the entire world from their headquarters in Pyongyang, North Korea. The message sent a few days ago warned countries not to have any kind of alliance with the United States if they didn’t want to receive an attack.



WASHINGTON (CNN) – According to CNN Politics, On Monday, October 23, President Trump said that the United States is “prepared for anything” in terms of the crisis between North Korea. Many people also believed that he emphasized the role of China during an interview with on Sunday with Maria Bartiromo of the Fox Business Network.

President Trump believes that Chinese President Xi Jinping has the “the power to do something very significant and respectful to North Korea.”

“We’ll see what happens. … We are so prepared, like you wouldn’t believe,” Trump said.

Trump further explained actions made by China, adding that he and the Chinese president have an “exceptional relationship” and they were to discuss more during his visit to Beijing in November continuing to Tokyo, and then to Vietnam for a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and Russian President Vladimir Putin also attending.

“They have been helping us,” Trump said in the CNN interview. “They’re closing off their bank systems to North Korea. They have cut the oil down. Now, the banking system we can see, because they have all come through (the United States) as you know.”  



According to a video and an article on CNN Politics, here are some strengths and weaknesses of the main players military involved in North Asia now:

  • Largest manpower force, lacks experience.
  • Relatively Isolated.
  • Can strike U.S. bases in the region.
  • Use of bases from Japan to Singapore.
  • Technologically superior.
  • Aircraft can be targeted by China’s missiles.
  • Nuclear and unpredictable.
  • Lacks resources for prolonged battle.
  • Strong military.
  • U.S. ally
  • Issues dealing with Japan on intelligence.
  • Strong navy, anti-submarine force.
  • Threatened by China and North Korea.
  • No strong offence.