15 Healthy Foods that Aren’t Actually Healthy


Sara Tavernia

Some of us think differently than others.

For instance, some people could argue whether certain foods are healthy or unhealthy. Some foods can even be both, but there are some snacks that cause great controversy.

Which foods do we mistake for good?

One of the most surprising foods that isn’t really healthy is granola. In most cases, granola is made up of butter, vegetable oil, and white sugar. For example, Nature Valley Granola has 6 grams of fat from canola oil. This includes an extra thirteen grams of white sugar and honey. Many granolas have up to 400 calories per cup.

Another food is protein bars. You think this is a great way to build up muscle, but this food is not healthy. Protein bars have belly-bloating soy, sodium, artificial flavors, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners used to flavor low sugar foods. This is an increased risk for weight gain and sugar cravings.

Yet another food is yogurt. This food can be said to lose weight, but it’s not the right cure to weight loss. Flavored yogurt is filled with potentially-carcinogenic artificial colors, flavors, and loads of sugar. Researchers suggest that many dairy products can contribute to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones become weaker and brittle.

Many of us see seeds not harmful at all to eat but, the most unhealthy seeds are, chia seeds and sunflower seeds.  

Eating too many chia seeds can irritate your digestive tract. Chia seeds can also irritate your blood sugar or heart medication. According to Carolinas HealthCare System, chia seeds can cause a choking hazard because of their ability to absorb huge amounts of liquids.

A cup of sunflower seeds have about 760 calories, 60 grams of fat, and 720 grams of belly bloating sodium. Seeds can have a lot of unsaturated fat in them. Since these are a snack, people can over eat them to cause weight gain.

For the meats people eat, turkey bacon and any deli turkey are very unhealthy.

Turkey bacon is often loaded with artificial colors, sodium, saturated fat, and nitrates. Researchers from Nanjing University Medical School have linked an increased risk of digestive cancers from eating turkey bacon.

Processed meats are obviously bad for you like salami and bologna, but supposedly healthy deli turkey could be just as bad. This turkey is often loaded with sodium and artificial flavors. This turkey also has nitrates which have been linked to cancers of the digestive tract.

Some oils people use for cooking are not healthy.

For instance, vegetable oil. There can be many oils like, canola, corn, and grape seed. These oils come from chemicals. These producers blast seeds at high heat to make oils. Later, they inject other chemicals to improve color and odor. This transforms into unstable fat called  polyunsaturated fatty acid.

Another oil is coconut oil. Even though coconut oil has been shown to have photoprotective and antibacterial properties, a tablespoon of coconut oil has over 115 calories and 12 grams of saturated fat.

Some random foods that you might think are healthy, aren’t.

For example, almond milk. Many non-dairy milks are loaded with sugar, artificial flavors, and belly bloating carrageenan, which is a common food additive. This milk is filled with artificial vitamins such as vitamins A and D. When a vitamin is artificially flavored this means the vitamin does not carry the right nutrients.

Another food is wheat bread. Not all wheat breads contain pure, whole grains. The labels on the bread might say multigrain or seven grain but, they still might use refined flour. These breads may have few real whole grains. Many wheat breads contain artificial sweeteners. high  fructose corn syrup, and hydrogenated oils.

Another food is popcorn. This food might be low in calories but, what you find at the market isn’t so healthy. Most popcorns are loaded with trans fats and salt. One bag of popcorn has 30 grams of fat and 688 milligrams of sodium.

Another food is fruit snacks. There is about 80 calories in a pouch of fruit snacks. This is packed with 11 grams of sugar in the form of corn syrup, sugar, and juice, while boasting not a single gram of fiber. This means there is not much fruit for that matter.

Another food is veggie straws. Veggie sticks are a little more than potatoes, oil, and salt. A 7 ounce bag of veggie straws with sea salt has 200 milligrams of sodium. There is not a single gram of fiber.

Lastly, any fat free foods. Fat supports everything from the brain and the metabolic function to quick weight loss. If people avoid fats, they will struggle to get the right ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats. Now the calories will have to come from carbs. Most companies that make fat free foods add trans fat and artificial sweeteners. This can cause health problems.

These foods are very shocking.

Many of us don’t really think about what we put into our bodies. People might think it’s healthy from hearing someone else but in reality, that could not be the case. There is a lot of unhealthy foods around the worlds and many of them are shocking.

Some healthy foods can be considered unhealthy.