High School Jobs

High School Jobs

Danielle Nudi

As high schoolers, many should start working to help with their future. As juniors and seniors are coming closer to college, they should get jobs to help with their future. On the other hand, for the younger freshmen, getting money is less of a worry, and could be spent or saved. All high schoolers have reasons for gaining money, despite how the reasons may vary.

Getting a job as a student is important because it helps students get better with communications and relationships with others. It helps getting students a bit out of their comfort zone, because for those who are shy, a job can really help high schoolers who struggle with day to day communication.

Finding a job can be hard for some people. What their likes and dislikes are, if they are allergic to some of the things, how much time they have for the job. It really just depends on the person.

Not to mention, interviews are very important when coming to a job. It is important because the boss gets to know you better, what you’re like, and how you are around others. To get prepared for an interview, look online to see what the job you’re getting interviewed for is looking for. Practice interviewing with a friend, to help as well. Some of the questions could be about your own life, some could be about the actual job, for example, how you work with others. The interview is the most important part of the whole process, because it really lets the boss and manager get to know what you are like, and if you’d make a good co-worker.

For an interview, you should dress professionally. This is because if you were to show up in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, you’re showing that you don’t really care. The way you dress really also depends on what job you’re getting interviewed for. You want to dress how you would dress at work.

There’s basically two types of jobs. There’s starter jobs and advanced jobs. Starter jobs are basically jobs that give you a few bucks. For example, working at McDonalds isn’t an advanced job. It’s a starter job that will give you a couple dollars a week. More advanced type jobs are jobs such as working at a restaurant, as a waitress, or cleaning dishes.

Overall, getting a job is important as a high schooler because it helps with better communication, better relationships, and it gets the person out of their comfort zone. Communication is a tough thing for most people. Some people get shy to talk to others, some people don’t know how to start a conversation, so a job can help with that. Relationships with others, is kinda hard for people too. A job can help people make more friends and get to know people more. In general, a job just helps a person get comfortable with who they are.