What it’s like to be a student aide

Henry Gardner, Staff Writer

New Berlin West has an opportunity for students to help out a teacher and staff member in the school with daily tasks. This is a program called student aide. A lot of the teachers feel that they might not have enough time to do things to prepare for teaching their upcoming classes, this program helps them out with that a lot. 

Student aides can run errands for the teacher if they don’t have enough time, check their mail in the mailroom, or make photocopies of handouts or assignments. Other tasks include helping out any students in the classroom who need assistance with their homework or even grading assignments if the teacher thinks it is appropriate for them.

Ms. Kabelowsky, a middle school Social Studies teacher at New Berlin West, said, “I love having a student aide, they help me do things like print copies for me and put stickers on graded papers. They can also do simple things like cleaning off desks and running errands.” 

Kabelowsky said that the student aide program is perfect for someone who likes to work with people and help teachers. She definitely recommends that a teacher have a student aide and wants to see more of her previous students take part in the program.

Dylan Burke, a freshman student aide at New Berlin West, said, “when I get there, I shift the desks into their proper places and pick up any trash that some other students left on the floor. I also print papers for Ms. Kabelowsky so she can get her work done without any distractions.” When Burke is done with printing, he usually tapes the directions on the whiteboard for her students to look at. When he has finished all of his work, he just uses it as a study hall.

Ben Radish is a sophomore student aide for Ms. Burke from the Student Services department. Radish said, “I like to see what it’s like to be a counselor. When Ms. Burke needs it, I deliver passes to students and sort through files. But I am mostly there just to do what Ms. Burke needs me to do.” He also says he really enjoys being a student aide. 

Becoming a student aide is a straightforward process. According to Ms. Burke, “first, a student has to sign up for student aide in course registration. Then, students get a google form in an email before summer break asking what teacher they want to student aide for.” After students make the request, they get a slip that has to be signed off by the teacher so that they can aide for them. The student then hands the slip into student services so it can be added to their schedule. Burke also states that having an aide is very helpful for her and she likes it a lot.

Student aide is a one-semester-long program and gives students 0.5 credits toward their graduation. The front office and student services also use student aides. Teachers can only have one per semester but the front office and student services each have to have one aide for every hour of the school day because they need help running passes to classrooms all day long.

Overall, the program is very helpful for teachers and staff at New Berlin West. It allows them to have an extra helping hand during their day to make it go a lot easier. 

By no means does it put any stress on a student. In fact, it gives a student more experience having responsibilities, more access to learning how to organize and communicate, and also gives a taste of what adults with a job have to do. The student aide program is a win-win for all teachers, staff, and students in the school.