Pep rally caps off Spirit Week


New Berlin West’s cheerleading team performs their routine at the pep rally. Students partook in many cheers and showed an outstanding degree of school spirit.

“We’ve got spirit yes we do, we’ve got spirit how ‘bout you?!”

New Berlin West students and staff showed their school spirit during Homecoming week by dressing according to the spirit days. Monday was pajama day, Tuesday was camo/blaze orange day, Wednesday was class color day, Thursday was America day, and Friday was the school’s colors, blue and gold.

We interviewed a few students to examine their thoughts on spirit week. When asked how they thought the overall homecoming week was compared to last year, the results have a slight range of differences:

“Spirit week should’ve had more creative, fun days in it and then more people probably would have participated.” – AJ Straub, Junior

“All homecoming weeks are essentially the same.” –Katie Wilson, Junior

“There was a lot more spirit shown this year, but some days had more spirit than others.” –Ryan Hanstad, Senior

“We are the Vikings… The mighty mighty Vikings!”

From the smallest freshman to the largest senior here at New Berlin West Middle/High School, the students cheered with spirit. Students jumped, clapped, and screamed as loud as they possibly could with excitement. The Viking spirit was in the air.

Homecoming court had fantastic skits for all to see. Their creativity and humor intrigued the crowd and staff. The JV/Varsity cheerleaders and the Pom and Dance team were the culprits of the school spirit. Both teams wowed the students with their talents. The pie throwing was another event full of excitement! Mr. Moroder, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Budish, and Mr. Bell were all unfortunate participants in this event.