Vikings football recap: A tough season

On the night of October 25th, people and students packed up the stands to watch the first playoff game, Catholic Memorial versus New Berlin West. Catholic Memorial won 44-0, but West played a good game, with the exception of not scoring anything. A lot of the students looked at it as a sad loss and a disappointment, but they didn’t look at the big picture; they didn’t look at the entire season and the hardships the Vikings had to overcome to be in the playoffs. I sat down with Viking cornerback, Eric Kennedy, to get his view on the whole season.

“We did alright this season, but we could have done better,’’ said Kennedy.

They began the season with a loss against Grafton, but that didn’t faze them much, it pushed them even harder. They eventually made it to the playoffs. They ended it with four wins and six losses.

The players spent hours and hours in the weight room during the season, working out to get stronger, and they spent hours and hours going over plays and working on forms to make sure the games have successful outcomes and are entertaining for the audience, which they did most of the time.

Kennedy described the relationship between the teammates as ‘’Fun, crazy, and like brothers’’. When the guys aren’t practicing, they spend a lot of their time hanging out with each other, which explains the chemistry they had on the field.

The season wasn’t a total success, though; they still had more losses than wins. “As a team, we could have played better as a whole, and we could have tried harder in practices to prepare us for Fridays,’’ explained Kennedy, ‘’Even though we didn’t get as far as we had liked to, I had a great experience with my best friends, who will be moving on to bigger and better things after high school. I couldn’t imagine playing with any other team besides the New Berlin West Vikings.’’