NBW Profile: Robert Baranowski

Robert Baranowski began teaching at West in 1969 and taught a total of 42 years. He went to Cudahy High School and received his teaching degree at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He retired for only three years, unable to keep away from teaching, he returned as a substitute for an additional eight years.

“I really enjoy teaching,” he explained. He taught English and sociology, with English winning out as his favorite subject. Throughout his years of teaching, he even mentored Mrs. Schwane.

During his teaching career, New Berlin West was a very different place than it is now. There were open mic nights and scheduled walk-outs for the students. Baranowski even recalls a time where 18 buses full of students were taken to Muskego to watch the football playoffs. With an initial graduating class of about 1700, nearly every student showed off their school spirit.

Baranowski arguably knows more about this school’s history than many of the other staff members combined. He even debunked the secret tunnels running underneath the school, saying he thought they were filled in with plumbing during the school’s reconstruction.

During his first year of teaching, New Berlin Eisenhower was opened. These were the “golden years” of teaching, he said that the faculty was a very close group.

“Teachers were hanging out a lot,” he expressed. Back then, teachers were close friends who got together on the weekends. Baranowski said the staff was open, happy, and friendly during his teaching.

He believes this school is still a great environment to teach in. Through the changes of decades and fads, Baranowski still enjoys his time teaching here, enriching the students.

“The staff is top notch, they help each other out,” he said.