The Norse Code


Isabella Alberti
Isabella is a senior at New Berlin West, and this is her second year with the Norse Code. She is currently the feature editor, and enjoys anything art or literature related.

Madison Artenian
Madison is a freshman and it is her first year taking Journalism.  After school hours,  she is usually playing volleyball, working, or hanging with friends. When she isn’t doing those things she typically plays with her beloved dog, Rock.

Braden Blair
Braden is a junior and this is his second year of being a member of the staff of The Norse Code as a writer. Braden likes to write articles that are in either the feature or arts and entertainment section. He likes going on adventures with friends and just listening to music 24/7. Braden is really excited to be apart of The Norse Code again this year.

Olivia Brecklin
Olivia is a sophomore at New Berlin West, and this is her first year on the Norse Code.  During her free time, she enjoys watching sports games and talking to her friends. She often travels with her family and has traveled outside of the country multiple times. Olivia is looking forward to be taking part in Journalism this year!

Nolan Egofske
Nolan Egofske is a senior at New Berlin West, this is his second year of being a part of Journalism. Nolan is the new Arts & Entertainment Editor this year because he is the main go-to guy for all things movies, television, books, and video games so he is really excited to see what other writers can do.

Cavan Fuller
Cavan is a Sophmore at New Berlin West and is spending his first year as a writer for the Norse Code. Cavan enjoys running cross country, eating food, playing video games, and having a good time. He is excited about this experience and hopes to possibly be an editor next year.

Amarah Haynes
Amarah is a sophomore at New Berlin West. This is her second year in journalism, but the first year as a news editor. She likes to explore by going on long road trips and hiking. She mainly spends her time watching sunsets disappear whenever possible.

Zach Jakubiak
Zach is a Junior at NBW in his third year of Journalism. In his free time he plays hockey or boxes. He also enjoys listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd, Seether, and Bush. As his first year as an Opinion editor he is eager to hear various points of views and opinions on everything in the world. He drives a sexy 2001 chevy s10 with a permanent custom built cap certified the Jakubiak way.

Emily Macakanja
As a junior and a third year on the Norse Code, Emily is moving up from feature editor to an editor in chief with much enthusiasm. Emily is a food enthusiast who is always ready for an adventure. She spends her free time driving around New Bizzle with the bass up and the windows down.

Connor McKenzie
Connor is the co-editor in chief and award winning investigative journalist. No topic is too controversial or big for Connor. Connor will go to extreme lengths to get the scoop. Connor loves to backpack, hike, camp, wander, and kayak. He loves the outdoors so much  that when he is not in the news room he is probably in the woods! He’s also a coin collector, history buff, and loves talking politics!

Josh Meyer
Josh Meyer is a second-year member of Journalism who has the role of sports editor this year. Josh’s main interests are all things sports, with his favorites being basketball, baseball, and football. He is hoping to pursue a career in sports journalism, and is excited to help other new journalists improve this year.

Ben Radish
Ben is a freshman at New Berlin West, and this is his first year at Journalism. Ben loves spending time with his family, reading, and pretty much-doing anything around the house. Ben is hoping to get to know his other Journalism classmates and read their articles.

Lexi Runyon
Lexi is a Sophomore and this is her first year on The Norse Code. She took Journalism because when she’s older, she wants to be a meteorologist.  Lexi is really looking forward to working on The Norse Code this year!

Lilli Schneider
Lilli is a sophomore and is on her second year of journalism. She is primarily a feature writer who likes to tackle sometimes strange and unusual topics. She also enjoy writing fiction and short stories in her free time.

Clayton Schrimpf
Clayton is a freshman at New Berlin West, being a freshman means being his first year working for the Norse Code. He likes watching Brewer and Packer games. He would like to cover New Berlin West sports this year. He does happen to run in Cross Country so this year might be a fun year, lets see how it goes.

Rylee Siskoy
Rylee is a senior and in her first year writing for the Norse Code. Rylee spends her free time painting, binging shows, and writing, as she’s a very artistic person. She likes warm climates, palm trees, and ocean sunsets as her favorite state is California, although she’s sadly not applying to California colleges but Denver University. She also loves to swim but has a rare skin condition where her skin breaks out in itchy welts when in contact with water.

Jaren Spridco
Jaren Spridco is a sophomore at New Berlin West on his first year of journalism. He enjoys finding new and exciting things to write write about during this strange year at NBW. Jaren plays a couple of sports including baseball and football, as well as bowling and fishing when he has free time.

Jacob Szukalski
Jacob is a junior at New Berlin West and it is his first year on the Norse Code. Jacob is a enthusiast of pretty much anything that moves (like trains, planes, cars, boats, etc.) and loves playing video games and watching movies. He is also taking an interest in writing and wants to become a writer one day.

Eduardo Velasquez
Eduardo Velasquez, goes by Eddie, is a Sophomore and a second year of the Norse Code. Eddie is a writer that supports others in the Norse Code who hopes that soon he could be a role model for others in and out of school. He does sports, works out, and chill for a living so he would be able to offer many different articles with his free time. He vibes without a high.

Joey White-Palkowski
This is Joey’s first year on the Norse Code staff. He likes to watch and sometimes play multiple sports like Football, Basketball, and Baseball so he’s a big sports guy. He’s a senior here at west this year. He’s looking forward to writing some good stories this year including maybe a lot of sports stories. He also likes discussing current issues so it won’t be all sport stories from him.

Connor Zizzo
Connor is a freshman who plays football, basketball, and track. he’s been to many places in his lifetime already like, Nashville, Houston, Seattle, and so much more! His main goal is to go play sports and get an education in business and marketing at Texas A&M. What he likes to do in his free time is a lot of biking and working out.


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