The Norse Code


Olivia Brecklin

Olivia is a senior at New Berlin West and this is her third and final year on the Norse Code. She is a Co-Editor in Chief this year! She is excited to help other writers achieve their full potential. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends and family, travel, and nap! In the future, she plans to go into the Dental field but she’s not 100% sure yet!

Cavan Fuller

Cavan is excited to enter the coeditor position and even more to show our class’s hard work to you! Outside of his time in journalism, he runs in cross country and track and is the dance captain for a show choir.

Clayton Schrimpf

Clayton is a Junior at New Berlin West, taking his third year of Journalism! His friends know him by the name of “Claydog.” Clayton still dedicates his high school athletics towards distance running! He works part-time at Domino’s Pizza as well! This is his first year in an editorial role, being the Online Editor. He looks forward to editing the website and helping with the layout for future Norse Code magazines!

Lexi Runyon 

This is Lexi Runyon’s senior year. This year, she is the opinion editor for The Norse Code. Next year, she is going to Carroll University to major in Elementary Education.

Dan Tiwari 

Dan Tiwari is a junior at NBW and is the feature editor on the Norse Code. He enjoys digital and print media and practices both in/out of school. He is involved in many school athletics & activities and is excited for the advancements of the journalism team this year.

Madison Artenian

Madison Artenian is a junior at NBW and the Arts and Entertainment editor for the Norse Code. Her favorite part about journalism is the ability to have creative freedom on whatever she wants to write about and the connections she makes with her classmates. In her free time, you’ll find her watching the sunset with friends or playing with her dogs.

Eduardo Velasquez

Eddie is a New Berlin West Senior who this year is the lead designer for the Norse Code. This being his fourth year in Journalism strive to create some of the best design for magazine to finish High School with a bang. He is also hoping to start the Norse Code’s very own podcast this year as well!

Tony Seidl

Tony is a Senior sports editor who has been in journalism for 4 years. He enjoys watching sports and reading occasionally. He loves English and has a knack for writing.

Rocco Conrad

Rocco is a Sophomore in Journalism 2. His favorite subjects in school are Math and English. He plays baseball and wrestles for NBW. In the summer, he enjoys playing baseball on his travel team and hanging out with friends. He puts pineapple on his pizza.

Aubree Allen

Aubree Allen is a funny gal because of her dad jokes but also takes her work seriously. Her humor lights up the room and makes everyone laugh. She is the type of person to help you when you need help. When Aubree writes she becomes so focused on her work to make the best article.

Julia McRae

Julia McRae is a freshman at NBW and is currently in Journalism 1. Julia plays club soccer for the Croatian Eagles and AAU basketball for 24:Up. In her free time, Julia loves going on bike rides with her friends and watching movies.

Skylar Jakubiak

Skylar is a freshman in journalism 1. Her favorite classes are English and Biomedical Studies. She enjoys playing sports like volleyball and soccer and likes to volunteer at the humane society.

Madison Billings-Nowak

Madison Billings-Nowak is a senior at NBW this year and is currently in Journalism 1. While she enjoys writing she also enjoys painting, hanging out with friends/family, and catching up on all the latest tv shows. She hopes to get a better sense of how to improve her writing and share her voice from this class. She wants to attend UW-Madison or Carroll University to further her education, currently, in an unknown field.

Owen Athas

Owen is a sophomore and he is in his first year in journalism and he is really excited to be able to do journalism. Owen also plays football, basketball, and does track for NBW. In his free time he plays video games and hangs out with his friends.

Evonna Goralski

Evonna is a freshman in journalism 1. Her favorite class is ceramics. She is on varsity cheer and NBW, and likes to spend time with her family and friends.

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