A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Norse Code Staff: 2019-2020


Zach Jakubiak

Zach Jakubiak is a sophomore in Journalism 2 that loves listening to Blink-182, Rise Against, and Mötley Crüe. In his spare time, he plays hockey, trapshooters, and hangs out with the boyz. Zach’s favorite movies/Tv Shows are Snatch and Trailer Park Boys.       


Olivia Yokofich

Olivia Yokofich is a junior at New Berlin West. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and being outdoors. She loves to write and wants to continue to grow with her writing skills. Her favorite holiday is Halloween.


Lilli Schneider

This is Lilli’s first year in journalism and this is her first brush with writing news for a magazine/website. She enjoys writing immensely and hopes to make a career out of it.


Nolan Egofske

Nolan Egofske is a Junior in high school and likes movies, tv shows, and hanging out with friends. His favorite color is blue.


Jayden Rusch

Jayden Rusch is a junior in high school and she thinks it’s already so hard and wants to drop out and date a Soundcloud rapper, just kidding. But for real she likes singing, drawing, taking pictures, and hanging out with her friends. Her favorite colors are pink, purple and black.


Kaylie Dziegielewski

Kaylie Dziegielewski is a Junior at New Berlin West. Her interests/hobbies include art, fashion, and hanging out with friends and family. Her favorite colors are blue and orange.


Isabella Alberti

Isabella Alberti is a junior at New Berlin West. She is involved in the National Honors Society, and is an avid hockey fan.

Co-Editor of Opinion, and Co-Editor of Arts & Entertainment

Cailee Broaddrick

Callie Broaddrick is a senior at New Berlin West. Callie is co-editor of the Arts and Entertainment and Opinion sections. She enjoys cross country and spending time with her friends, family, and pets.

Co-Editor in Chief

Teagan Gumina

Now in her senior year, Teagan Gumina is passionate about writing in all forms. She loves English, French, politics, and history. She also loves music—her genres span all over, but she hates country, and rap (unless it’s from the musical Hamilton). She loves watching Once Upon A Time and Merlin. In her future, she sees herself as a writer.
I’m not throwing away my shot
– Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton, My Shot