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AP Art, Photography Students Visit Chicago

AP Art and Photography students recently took a class trip to Chicago to explore all of the different sites to see the different types of art. While at Chicago, art students participated in the following: taking the Metra Train to Chicago, walking in downtown Chicago, examining works of art at the Chicago Art Institute, visiting Millennium Park and The Bean, eating lunch at the Water Tower Place m…

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Lauryn Lieske

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    Changes in Immigration
    It’s sad to see how America’s view on immigration has drastically changed from the past. In the early 1800’s, Elli
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    Pollution is destroying the World (Call to action)
    Imagine a world without people and pollution. There would be no people to aid in the never ending cycle of garbage and p
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    Empathy in New Berlin
    Empathy is defined, “The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the
  • Deal or no deal?
    Along with new proposals for a stadium make-over for the Milwaukee Bucks came threats from team ownership. The team’s
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    A perfect cup of tea
    People have been steeping tea leaves for centuries all over the world. Tea is the second most consumed beverage worldwid
  • Image
    Deal or no deal
    New proposals for a stadium make-over for the Milwaukee Bucks came with threats from the team’s ownership. The team’

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