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I Love You 3000, An Avengers: Endgame Review (Spoiler-Free)

Part of the journey is the end. Avengers: Endgame is finally out, and it blew audiences away. As I am writing this review on Thursday, May 2nd, the film has grossed $1.48 billion dollars worldwide, breaking every imaginable box office record there is. It is also the longest Marvel film to date. This review is SPOILER-FREE, if you haven’t seen the film and you want to go in knowing absolutely…

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Austin Graf

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  • March Madness is here
    March Madness is Here March is finally here, which means a lot of college basketball is about to come your way. With the
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    Fantasy Sports
    Fantasy Sports: a type of game in which participants partake as general managers for their own virtual teams. In 2017 an
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    Crossing Paths with State
    While most students were busy celebrating Halloween weekend, Grady Davis and Jordyn Nyenhuis, both first time state qual
  • Diving Into Swim Season
    From the powerhouse program that shaped graduated state medalists Dailey Albino, Paige Pelican, and Sarah Hamilton: New
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    Senior Athletes Begin Next Chapter
    Although it may seem difficult to move on to the collegiate level to play sports, the New Berlin West graduating class o

Opinions & Editorials

  • Benefits of Taking a DNA Test
    Being adopted, I never had clear answers to my biological history. From what my parents told me they were, I am Sicilian
  • ASL Should Be Offered As A Class
    In the foreign language hallway of West, there’s a poster on the door of Room 205 that mentions an excellent collectio
  • Overrated and Underrated Books
    Books, the foundation of most pop culture currently, have varying levels of popularity ranging from completely overrated
  • The Mass Commercialization of Culture
    It’s not always often that media appeals to the undercurrents of society, hence the categorizations of popular and cou
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    Solo Flies In As Another Great Film
    Han Solo is one of, if not the best, character in Star Wars and the love for him is shared by thousands. Ironically, man
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    High School Jobs
    As high schoolers, many should start working to help with their future. As juniors and seniors are coming closer to coll

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  • How to Pop Some Tags
    If you want to find clothes for a good price but not for bad quality, or clothing that is unique and can easily be perso
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    Tiny Homes
    Whether it’s rented, owned, or on the go, tiny homes have become a new addition to types of homes. Tiny homes have
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    Uncle Julio’s Opening
    The opening of a brand new Mexican restaurant, Uncle Julio’s, has caused some major buzz around New Berlin. The new re
  • Special Education: Changes Over the Years
    Only recently, in the last few decades, has special education been a top priority to those seeking its need. The uprise
  • Choosing Between Colleges
    “What is the FAFSA?” “Is acceptance rate important when looking at colleges?” “How do I choose which colleges
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    The World of Music
    Around, 50,000 years ago music was created by many people, Guido D’Arezzo was mainly know for improvements in musi






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