Common ‘awkward’ middle school dance is a success


It started out as any other middle school dance always has. Awkward.

At seven o’clock, New Berlin West seventh and eighth graders started to pour in. Even with the Black and White “informal attire” advertised theme, there still seemed to be some sort of confusion on what to wear. From jeans and a t-shirt, to low-rise prom dresses, there was quite the variety of apparel.

The dance was held in the cafeteria, much like previous years, except immediately you could tell this was going to be different. From the complementary photo booth, to the constant surge of today’s hits from the DJ.

Just like you may have predicted, the night started out with a defined line between the girls and the boys. A few brave souls from the boys section finally broke the tension and the others followed soon thereafter. With the help of multiple chaperones, couples were paired up at the beginning of every slow song to help ease the nervousness of the boys asking a fine, young lady to dance.

As I spoke with seventh grader, Josh Liebelt, he told me “[His] favorite part of the dance was the photo booth because [he] got so many pictures with [his] friends and the memories are priceless.”

The photo booth seemed to be a common theme among favorites at the dance. Everyone in the picture strip received their own copy to take home and enjoy.

Sydney Cababa, a current eighth grader at West, said “My favorite part of the dance was the music because it was just over all good and well put together”

Towards the end of the dance, I was asked to help out with the classic Limbo dance. After five minutes of intense limbo, Kyra Mushall, a seventh grader, won hands down.

With the dance coming to a close, the DJ reminded everyone to pick up their own “Swag Bag” on the way out.

After being asked by multiple groups of children to take pictures with them so they can post them on their Instagram and other ways of media, I headed out tired and content.

Overall, the dance was a success. Lots of middle school students attended the event and the student chaperones shared in the good time. I applaud all those who helped out in the event and am disappointed I will not be able to attend next year.