The downside to driving for long periods of time


Driving 10 hours can be quite a haul. Here is a description of the journey

For Spring Break, I drove down from Wisconsin to Tennessee, and then I also drove back from Tennessee. The drive down wasn’t bad because my mom was driving and we also stopped in Indiana to stay the night. When we got down to Tennessee, I had at least two days from any car rides. We collected my car. It has been down there at a friend’s house for several months. It was just a spot for us to safely leave the car until we could get it back.

Then, we started the long drive back to the frozen north. It had snowed, unfortunately, while we were gone and that just drove me mad. The drive wasn’t bad for the first two hours. My sister was there to keep me company and I had a Red Bull to keep me going. Then, my sister decided to fall asleep. Around the third hour into this 10 hour trip, we stopped around middle Kentucky for a quick rest break. That felt great considering I’d been in the same exact spot for the past three hours. We then headed back off onto the interstate to try to get through Louisville, Kentucky.

We got through the rest of Kentucky, but thankfully it was very pretty. We got up to Indiana and we stopped for food and a decent amount of rest. Indiana is very flat and boring. It was possibly the worst part of the trip because there was nothing to see. It was straight and boring which made it rough, even though Indianapolis switched it up a little bit.

When we got up to Gary, near Chicago, it got very industrial and very confusing really quickly. The Skyway was super expensive to ride on and we spent a good amount of time on it. After driving for a solid seven hours, nothing makes it better than to drive through the heart of Chicago and it was rush hour. I was trying to stick close to my Mom the whole time, but she pulled a fast one and sped way ahead of me. I was trying to do the same thing but it almost got me nailed by another car.

I managed to make it out of Chicago in one piece, luckily. It took almost two hours and that definitely took a toll on me, no pun intended. We then went the extra hour and thirty minutes and made it back to New Berlin. We spent an approximate time of ten hours on the road.