Continuing Marvel Universe’s success with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”


Marvel delivers yet another classic super hero film with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It is the second film in the Captain America series.

The Marvel Universe is a growing sensation and continually dominating the screen.  Each movie they make adds new plot twists at every turn to keeps viewers on edge.  One might wonder when they will begin to lose the public’s interest, well it’s clear not after their latest installment: Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The movie made $96.5 million during opening weekend and continues to grow.

The film follows Steve Rodgers (Chris Evans), the first Avenger, who comes face to face with his past best friend Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).  In the first film, we find out Bucky was tested on by Hydra; who were trying to transform him into a super soldier like Rodgers.  However, he later dies falling off a train on a mountain range.

Barnes returns under a nemesis’s control who has found a way to brainwash him to forget his past, and his super soldier qualities are in full power.  Bucky will be Captain America’s greatest match both physically and mentally.

Throughout the film there are plenty of new and unexpected villains and, with a touch of conspiracy, Marvel has really presented a new sense of evil.

The movie’s fight scenes are unique and never before seen. The notable angles and camera movements were phenomenal and exceptionally caught the characters emotions.  The audience knew what the characters were feeling at every moment.

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) accompanied Rodgers throughout the film.  She was a great supporting character who added wit and humor.  I was very pleased to learn some new information about her character, but was definitely expecting more in later films as she remains a mysterious spy.

Another character, The Falcon (Anthony Mackie), added humor and an entirely new dynamic, giving the movie more edge and another hero to root for.  I really hope we will be seeing The Falcon again in the near future.

This movie’s plot twist will definitely change the future for the next film Avengers: Age of Ultron and the entire Marvel Universe.  After seeing this film, viewer’s wonder what will come next for the world’s mightiest heroes, and sadly it will be a long wait until we find out.

Captain America 2 still showed clear connections to the rest of the Marvel Universe, but, as do the other heroes, Captain America makes for a great story on his own.

Marvel itself is unique in the fact that the directors change from film to film.  They are one of the few production companies to do this, but I can easily say it has shown success.  With a new director, new ideas are introduced and the audience never gets bored.

Finally, I will confirm there is an extra scene after the credits, which introduces multiple new characters and poses many new questions. I absolutely suggest going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier because it is an ultimate action packed movie keeping the Marvel Universe outstandingly exciting for audiences.