Friendship is Magic: Twilight is at the top


The season finale of my little pony: friendship is magic premiered on May 10th, after the appearance of the mysterious chest at the base of the tree of harmony; anticipation was high for a season of a different pattern following their adventures to find the keys to the chest. As the season pressed on however, it became apparent that the keys were going to be left by the way side, to show up only in the background as a poster in Twilight’s house. We met up with Discord on his way to go chasing a new evil, who gives Twilight a hint revealing that five of the six keys were actually found in five episodes throughout their earlier adventure.

Things begin to heat up as the evil Discord is tasked to chase yet another new villain, who strains Discord’s loyalty and friendship. As Discord falls under the spell of Tirek; a magic thief who promises him a share of the world once it has been taken from pony control, the Princesses of Equestrian decide they have no choice but to hide their alicorn magic with Princess Twilight for safe keeping. Fighting to control her new found influx of power while keeping her friends safe and hunting for her key to the chest, Princess Twilight finds herself forced to make a decision that could doom all Equestrian forever.

Over all the episodes had the same charming quality every pony knows and loves from their mane six heroes. The neat plot line was as unique as their plot lines go. I was only slightly disappointed that after all of the fuss they made over losing the elements of harmony, an original villain was not defeated this time around. Nevertheless it was a solid wrap up to a solid season in a show filling up with more and more potential. With the announcement from Hasbro that the next five years of the franchise is already planned out and the cover of the Rainbow Rocks Equestrian Girls sequel released, the fans of the show have much to look forward to.