Spring break: A guide on how to enjoy yourself while stuck in Wisconsin

Are you going to Aruba? Are you sitting on the sandy beaches of Mexico? Or maybe you’re just spending your break binge watching Netflix while your friends are soaking up the sun in a tropical location.

Whatever your plan is, I’m here to encourage you to have an enjoyable break even with a foot of snow and negative temperatures- when you finally finish all 236 episodes of Friends, that is.

Here is a list of exciting places to explore that are more adventurous than lying in bed and eating leftover Chinese:

  1. Climb to the top of the 60-foot observation tower at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center

You can enjoy a fantastic view, incorporate a good workout, and pretend you can feel your toes. Three for one!

  1. Climb the rock wall at the Urban Ecology Center at Riverside Park

You can pretend you are somewhere exhilarating, for example, rock climbing at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.

  1. If you’re not going to a tropical location, head up north to the Wisconsin Dells

The Wilderness, Kalahari, Or Great Wolf Lodge make for a fantastic substitute for 80-degree weather. There’s even an open Dome at the Wilderness that enables you to catch some rays- without actually getting frostbite outside.

  1. Play ping pong at SPiN Milwaukee

You can get competitive and gamble a few quarters with strangers, since all your friends are getting tan and enjoying the sun without you.

  1. Fill your bag with candy from the sweets shops in the Milwaukee Public Market

I mean, what’s better than that?

  1. Check out the big cow at Wisconsin Cheese Mart and taste some delicious cheese.

Why not take advantage of your Wisconsin heritage while being stuck here during spring break?!

  1. Pretend to be a top-secret spy and explore the Safe House

If you know the password, pretend you don’t so everybody can watch you dance.

  1. Take a walk along the Milwaukee river walk and enjoy the view

Downtown Milwaukee is always a good option on a boring day!

  1. Take your dog for a play date at the dog park

Watch your dog chase his tail while you get to interact with all the other cute puppies, what’s better than that?!

  1. Visit La Terraza and create your own pottery

Let your creativity show through your very own ceramic creations!