Bland Homecoming fails to impress students

Going into the homecoming dance this year, students’ hopes were high, or at least they hoped it would be better than last time. As the dance was first starting up, everyone stood around awkwardly, waiting for some sort of sign that would allow the night to begin. The arrival of homecoming court seemed to be the spark that everyone was looking for. People crowded around, anxiously awaiting the crowning of king and queen. Ben Meleski and Anna Dineen ended up accepting the titles from last years king and queen, sweetheart couple Momo Mohamed and Kassidy Barrens, with large smiles on their faces.

All of a sudden the lights went out, there was a shriek, and students rushed to the dance floor. Some freshmen boys were spotted “wall twerking,” and girls watched in awe. Others just swayed back and forth with dates, while others were obviously grinding. Many students kept having to step out into the hall, due to the fact that it was extremely hot in the gym.

The dance got off to a rough start when the DJ announced that the music requests were mainly “ghetto” and hard to dance to, but he played them anyway. Considering that the DJ played the music from Youtube, there were several technical difficulties. Not only was the music muffled at some points and ear piercing at others, but also, there were several pauses throughout songs due to buffering. Some couples were disappointed by the fact that only 3 slow songs were played throughout the course of the night, but others didn’t mind.

This year’s theme was blue and gold. Although it was not the most creative idea, it could have been a classic and elegant design that portrayed school spirit. However, the few decorations put up were nothing extravagant, resembling those of last year’s dance.

Although the decor did not stand out, the dress choices were extremely unique. No two people standing next to each other had on the same thing. There of course were some typical short homecoming dresses, but other ladies were daring and wore long dresses or went with the high-low style. Most seemed to pull off their looks. The gentleman all looked stunning in their nice dress pants, long sleeve shirts, and classy ties to match their dates. Couples looked fabulous!

The end of the night seemed to come all too quickly as, the speakers blasted “Glad You Came” by The Wanted for the final dance. Before the song began, the DJ failed to mention that it would be the last dance, causing some students to leave the dance floor unsatisfied. Nonetheless, students shuffled their way back to the check in area, got their things (including the heels every girl took off to dance), and left. The floor was left covered in sparkles, sequins, and puddles of sweat.

As with most dances, it was clear that opinions about this homecoming were mixed. It seemed however that a majority of students were unimpressed, “There was an expectation I had for homecoming and I was let down,” commented a freshmen about his experience. Yet some still found homecoming to be entertaining and had a fun time. “It was interesting,” said another student post-homecoming.