Madeline Egan

Madeline Egan is a junior at a fine institution that many proudly call New Berlin West. Her own pride for West is expressed through her exuberant spirit and exemplary participation in school-sponsored activities. Though some may think of her as peculiar, she openly expresses her obsession with long distance running and encourages others to experience the joys that it has to offer. Despite her opinionated nature and periodic stubbornness, Madeline is open to new ideas, given that they are presented in a logical and intelligent manner. Occasionally, Madeline enjoys experimenting with new styles of writing while sprinkling a dash of sarcasm throughout the finished product. In the future, Madeline plans to use her analytical mind to better humanity as well as watch season 4 of the Walking Dead.

However, if Daryl dies, Madeline may be forced to resign from her editor position on the Norse Code, so keep your fingers crossed.