Officer Rocklewitz: a fresh face for NBW


Eli Krause

Our new Student Resource Officer, Mr. Rocklewitz.. He has the duty of keeping New Berlin West a safe place for students and staff this school year.

There are many things one could say about a new staff member coming to our school; fun, extra prepared, modern, etc. Our new Student Resource Officer, David Rocklewitz, meets and exceeds all these expectations!

Rocklewitz was born and raised in Manitowoc Wisconsin and finished up his high school career there. After High school, he went to UW-Madison and originally wanted to be an engineer. After one and a half years of preliminary engineering courses, Rocklewitz decided that he didn’t want to do that field for the rest of his life. He decided that he needed to change his major. His first choice was to go to law school because he had always had a passion for the study of law. That choice was quickly shut down because he didn’t want to go to college for an extra 4 years.

The thought of becoming a police officer had always been in the back of his mind but he never thought that he would do it as his profession in life. Once he decided that this is what he was going to do, it became clear as day that this is what he would be best at.

Right out of college and police training, David Rocklewitz began his work for the New Berlin Police Department. He is currently part of the New Berlin SWAT team and has been on New Berlin patrol since March of 2005.

When asked about his disciplinary philosophy, Rocklewitz said that,” I am not here to give out a lot of tickets, but there is a place for tickets if it rises to that level. I like to encourage kids to do the right thing before it gets to that level.”

Rocklewitz likes to spend time with his wife as well as go to Badger and Brewer games. He loves to run and do all different sports to keep himself active and in shape to do his job.

Rocklewitz says that he likes the job here at West and overall enjoys being a police officer because, “There is a chance to do something new every day.”

“I am really enjoying my new job here a lot, […] even more than expected,” said Rocklewitz.

When asked if he had anything the student and staff body should know about him, he said that he is, “Here for them with any problems or questions. That’s what I’m here for.”