Aries March 21 -April 19

Today you’re feeling very adventurous, and new things are being thrown your way. Don’t be scared to take a few risks and try things that you’ve never really thought about before. Those risks will most likely have positive outcomes. It’s better to take a chance and fail, then pass it up and regret it later.

Taurus April 20 -May 20

Get all your work done. Enough with focusing just on play; it’s time to get serious. You need to watch what you spend, and if a co-worker comes to you in need, help them. Listen carefully to what’s going on around you, and get a lot done.

Gemini May 21 -June 20

You are feeling very in love lately, and you’re not sure if it’s worth the risk or not. Well, it is. Keep an open mind to everything going on around you. You’re flying around with cupid; just try to remember the ground is still going to be the one holding you down.

Cancer June 21 -July 22

Things may seem a little dull in your life right now. Spend time with family or friends you haven’t seen in a while. Do things you normally wouldn’t find fun just for the experience of new things. Try focusing on your favorite hobby you’ve been too busy for, or find a new one.

Leo July 23 -August 22

You have a lot coming up in the near future with making big plans, getting a new job, or figuring out your college choices. It’s a lot to handle, but just go with what your heart tells you. If you pick what you really want, everything else should fall into place. Find something or someone to help you wind down and relax. Remember, everyone needs a day off.

Virgo August 23 -September 22

You’ve been a little on edge lately, like you’re gearing up for something bad to happen. Danger lurks in the background, so make sure you pay attention to your surroundings carefully. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help, they’re more caring than you think.

Libra September 23 -October 22

You’ve finally gained something you’ve been working for for so long. Don’t be scared to be proud of yourself, you deserve it. Don’t let other people get you down, that’s their purpose so don’t let them win. Get rid of the things in your life that bring along negative energy, you’ll be a lot happier.

Scorpio October 23 -November 21

Time to watch your budget. You’ve been doing a lot of spending, but not a lot of saving. Make sure you put money aside in case something big comes up. Your busy days are starting to take a toll on you. Calm down and breathe.

Sagittarius November 22 -December 21

Your friends are trying to get you to be more open and spend more time with them. Go for it, but be careful not to overdo it. Home life seems a little shaky, so make sure you split your time up evenly between everyone. Spending too much time with someone can be just as bad as not spending enough time with someone.

Capricorn December 22 -January 19

You feel like you keep getting treated like a kid. Well if you want that to change, take up more responsibility to show those around you that you can be treated like an adult, and deserve that as well. People close to you may try and push your buttons, just watch what you say. Don’t say things you don’t mean because you’re angry.

Aquarius January 20 -February 18

Everything seems to be going great for you lately. You just passed a test you were nervous for, or landed that new job. Keep your positive attitude and nothing will bring you down.

Pisces February 19 -March 20

Focus on your work. The people around you are going to try and distract you, but you have to remember life isn’t all play. You need to work hard to go out and play later. It’ll pay off in the long run. Don’t be scared to say no to your friends. If they’re true friends they’ll understand.