Thanksgiving Day feast

The approximate percentage of Americans that eat Turkey on Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. is about 88%. I am one of the 22% that does not want that dry tasteless meat for Thanksgiving Day, and the only good part is the wish bone. The texture of stuffing and mashed potatoes sends shivers down my back. I hate cooked vegetables, boiling them completely defeats the purpose considering it eliminates most of the nutrients.

I would much rather have a big juicy chicken not “stuffed” with anything. Sides of homemade oven baked mac n cheese with either bread crumbs or, my favorite, broken kettle cooked Lays chips sprinkled over top. I do however enjoy sweet homemade rolls and lots of butter. I think corn bread is the most tasty bread type treat for Thanksgiving Day, other than pretzel bread. Some good flavored rice but, normal white rice would suffice as well.

For vegetables, some good juicy cold and raw carrots. You definitely need to have some fresh fruit like cucumbers, cantaloupe, guava, honeydew, grapes, watermelon, pineapple, and probably some apples, honey crisp apples are my personal favorite. Nuts and a classic nutcracker are important necessities too.

Even though the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal disappoints me, Thanksgiving Day dessert is my favorite part of the day. Most Americans choose apple pie over pumpkin pie. Some people even eat cheese with their apple pies. I for one prefer my mom’s homemade pumpkin pie over all other pies. Homemade Boston cream pie, key lime pie, Jell-O, and rice crispy treats are all absolutes for after the Thanksgiving Day feast. The whole day is brought together with some great football games and family giving thanks.