My little pony: friendship is magic


Young kids and Bronys everywhere were left hanging by the first episode of the new season of My Little Pony.

My little pony friendship is magic kicked off on November 23, and my only real complaint is that because the show is targeted at younger kids, it premiered at nine . . . am. The show takes place on the days prior to the summer sun celebration, one of the most important celebrations in Equestria. This marks one year since the main character Twilight and her friends initially recovered the Elements of Harmony, reforming the evil Nightmare Moon into her original good form.  And thus, the first in a thousand years to celebrate the return of Princess Luna, one of the leaders of Equestria, rather than her imprisonment.

The show begins with Twilight looking over her new responsibilities for the ceremony as the newest princess. Things are looking less than pleasant, but for once, calm, as the remainder of the main six return to ponyville without twilight.

For once, things look as if they will be relatively peaceful. That is until both Princess Luna and princess Celestia go missing. The sky is split half day and half night and the ever free forest is invading on ponyville. With no logical explanation to present itself, they set off on a trip deeper into Equestria history than they have ever gone before.

The one hour premier managed to stay on the beloved track the show has had since day one. For those that were concerned about Twilights becoming a princess changing the show and running it down to the level where only the younger kids would find it enjoyable, this is not the case. A lesson about friendship neatly hidden under a plot line that ends in a cliff hanger that sets up the entire season and baffles any pony watcher. What baffles the most, is a plot twist near the end, but before the interesting cliff hanger, that opens up plenty of possibilities for change and may have eliminated a well-established pattern for the major battles. There is no doubt in my mind that it will be an interesting, but different, season.