Catching Fire lives up to the hype


The long awaited movie Catching Fire mesmerizes the audience. It is the second movie in the Hunger Games Trilogy.

It’s finally here!

The sequel to 1st hunger games movie that came out back in 2012 has been long awaited and now that it’s finally here, it did not disappoint. All 2 hours and 26 minutes of the movie had the audience in a trance.

Katniss Everdeen returns home after the 74th annual hunger games to a whole new set of problems. Ever since returning to district 12, Katniss gives Peeta the cold shoulder and turns her attention to Gale. Gale has a hard time believing Katniss’ heart belongs to him because of her star crossed lovers routine with Peeta during the games. She tries to assure him that she has no feelings for Peeta but she seems more like she’s trying to convince herself.

She comes home to a threatening President Snow who talks of rebellion and threatens the lives of Katniss’ friends and family. She agrees to cooperate to try and diminish the spark of rebellion by trying to show them that swallowing the poison berries in the first hunger games was an act of love, not defiance against The Capitol, while on her victor tour with Peeta.

Peeta and Katniss leave for their victor tour but quickly realize that no matter how hard they try to pretend to be in love, the districts itch for rebellion does not go away. The idea of rebellion grows stronger and stronger and President Snow grows anxious.

Employing a new games maker, Snow decided to send Katniss back into the games this year by having a Quarter Quell in which all the previous victors from each district will be reaped again and sent back into the arena. Haymitch warns that the last games will be child’s play compared to going up against their new experienced rivals.

The whole movie was gripping and there was not a single scene that slowed down the movie or bored the audience.

Catching fire completely overshadows its predecessor. With phenomenal performances from Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, this movie has comedy, romance, and action in all the right amounts. Jennifer Lawrence shows her amazing range of acting skills through her chemistry with the other actors and her portrayal of Katniss throughout the movie.

With just a year between the two movies it is clear that new director Francis Lawrence (no relation to Jennifer Lawrence) was the right replacement for previous director of the 2012 movie. Everything from the arena to the outfits the detail is amazing. It is clear that no expense was spared in the making of catching fire.