Best places to find some hot chocolate


Winter is the best time of the year to drink hot chocolate, and here is a definitive guide to the best places to find it.

The Holidays are approaching faster than people think, and Christmas is only a mere thought away. The weather this holiday season is absolutely atrocious and the thing is that most everybody is feeling the effects of the cold weather. It is time for that to change, here is the solution: the soothing beverage that is hot chocolate. This time of year that is all you see anywhere when looking for something nice and warm to drink, but there are only a select few that are really going to satisfy.

Even though hot chocolate is everywhere, there is a couple of main places in the New Berlin area that I would recommend for the holiday drink. Number one on the list is George Webs whom offers a large sized hot chocolate, for the same price as the small, with whipped cream on top. They make it warm enough to drink almost immediately, but not too hot that your taste buds fall off.

The runner up for best hot chocolate would most definitely be the quick and easy one to get, Speedway. Most people don’t really have time to order a hot chocolate from a restaurant, get gas, and go. So why not do both simultaneously? This hot beverage comes from an average coffee machine in an average speedway, but the thing is that it’s sweeter than most hot chocolates from actual restaurants. It is made very hot but when it cools it is delicious.

Another good place to get hot chocolate from is Culvers, whom is mainly known for its ice cream and Scoopy, the ice cream cone. The first time I drank their version of hot cocoa, I burnt my tongue, so for a disclaimer: BE VERY CAREFUL because this brew is HOT! Their hot chocolate tastes creamier than average but also a little bland. To me it was pretty good but not superior to its competition.

The last place that I would recommend is Starbucks. This cocoa is for the people who don’t want the plain original drink. Coffee lovers, this one is for you because their brew tastes more like hot chocolate flavored coffee than actual hot chocolate. I’m not a big coffee drinker so this was a little strange for me to drink, however if you love coffee, this is the place that you want your cocoa from.

Remember, if you’re in the mood for cocoa, to check out these places. Places that sell cocoa around the holidays will be impossible not to find, so in any case you do not want to take my suggestions, go out and find your own favorite hot chocolate in the city. Happy Holidays and season’s greetings from your Norse Code.