Beware of the cold!


In case you haven’t noticed it yet, here in Wisconsin it is cold. The mean temperature for Wisconsin in January is a high of 29 ⁰F and a low of 0 ⁰F. The past three days there has been subzero temperatures before the wind chill. We got close to breaking the record low temperatures on Sunday and Monday, but those were just out of reach. Still the temperature reached pretty far down in the negatives, going as far down as -14⁰ before wind chill, with it feeling like -43⁰.

Because of how cold it was, Milwaukee Public Schools and much of the state, including the New Berlin Public Schools, were closed for Monday and Tuesday January 6th and 7th. Yes, it is so cold that schools are closed because the cold creates a hazard to health, especially in the younger children.

Some problems include inducing asthma and the ever painful frostbite. Some counters for the cold are extra layers and wear a scarf to protect your lungs from the cold air. The extra layers should be loose fitting and many, including long underwear and sweatshirts. Everything should be layered; socks, gloves, and all. In addition, make sure the outer layer is windproof and, if possible, waterproof. All the tips apply to people, but what about the lovable pets that also inhabit your house? Pets such as dogs and any cats that are allowed outside should be kept inside as much as possible as the pets have very little defense for the extreme cold; it is a bit harder for them to put on extra layers.

The house truly is the best place to stay on days where the temperature dips into the extreme cold, which is generally considered to start at about 10 degrees below zero. If you must drive, take a few extra precautions starting with never completely rely on your vehicle. They are liable to stop working in cold weather and may not start up at any point.

This creates a safety hazard, especially when you are away from home and thus a source of heat. Another, have a predetermined route and times to return, so that if you run into a problem, someone already knows where to get you and will know to come and get you if you fail to arrive on time.

All these tips apply to people, but the furry little creatures that share our hearts and homes need some protection as well. Try to keep any animals indoor as much as possible and care for the feet of your dogs as much as possible.

In this cold season, do your best to stay warm and safe.