Super Bowl commercials bring more entertainment than game itself


If you are not a football fan the Super Bowl is still worth watching for the commercials.

This year’s Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks had over 1.1 billion viewers.  Advertisers paid big bucks, specifically $3.5 million dollars; to give their companies a 30 second chance to promote their product.  These commercials are a big deal, and if you’re like me, it’s the only reason you watch the game.  So, what commercials were successful and which ones flopped?

It seemed the commercials that evoked a strong emotion were the most successful thus, received the most praise.  Budweiser had two such commercials; one was “Puppy Love” which was specifically cute.  It portrayed a puppy always running away to meet up with his Clydesdale, horse friend.  In one scene the puppy and horse shared a kiss and the audience couldn’t resist the urge to “aw.”  Another successful ad by Budweiser that brought emotion was called “Heroic” and showed a soldier returning to his hometown where a large party awaited him.  Both of these commercials were excellent, and brought the crowd emotions, evoking them to buy their products, Budweiser used their 30-second clips wisely.

There were also many other victorious commercials that evoked emotion through humor.

The Dorito’s “Time Machine” commercial brought multiple laughs; a man entered a box, believing it was a time machine due to a younger boy who told him when he put his Dorito’s through a hole it would take him to the future.  A few seconds later, an old man started yelling at the boy who left and when the man exited the box, he believed the old man was the boy in the future.  This commercial was actually entered by fans in the Dorito’s “Crash the Super Bowl” contest.  The winners made the commercial within a $200 dollar budget and won $1 million dollars in the end.

Other commercials noted for their wit include the Dannon Oiko’s ad with John Stamos, the Beats ad with Ellen DeGeneres, the Hyundai commercial for Genesis, and the Jaguars “British Villain’s” ad.

However, not all commercials shown during the Super Bowl were this successful.  Soda Stream had a commercial including Scarlett Johansson who explained how the machine worked. She then proceeded to suck on a straw and drink the soda for the remainder of the commercial.  She may have been beautiful, but her looks were certainly not enough to salvage this commercial.

Another failed attempt to bring excitement was the CarMax commercial.  A man purchased a car and on his way home, people were simply clapping along the street.  The ad lacked ingenuity and uniqueness, ultimately bringing it sour reviews.

Lastly, the double commercial by Ford including Rob Riggle and James Franco was unsuccessful.  They were trying to advertise their cars double gas mileage by making history and purchasing two commercial slots in a row.  This may have been a cool idea, however; they were both nearly the same commercial hence, bored the audience.

It seems the majority of commercials were from beer and car companies, however; many didn’t fail to bring great advertisements.

During the super bowl there were not only product commercials, but also movie trailers.  Three of the most notable extended trailers during the Super Bowl included Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, Transformers 4: Age of Extinction and The Amazing Spider Man 2.  All movies look like great thrillers that I am definitely planning to see them in theatres.

Some may say the Super Bowl itself, was a game lacking excitement, but the commercials definitely seemed to lighten the mood.  Many people, including me, simply tuned into the game only interested in the commercials, and most did not disappoint.