Namaste in the Calatrava


View inside the Milwaukee Art Museum. They hold yoga classes there every month.

The Milwaukee Public Art Museum has been kind enough to be the host of yoga classes once a month on Saturday mornings.  The classes are presented by OmTownYogis and run from 8:15 AM to 9:30 AM and are in the front lobby of the magnificent Calatrava.

There is a recommended $15 donation, and those who donate get to participate at the front of the class, closer to the instructor and the amazing view of Lake Michigan.  The $15 also gets you admission into the museum for the day.  Most of the classes participants will get brunch after the class and then come back to enjoy the beauty that the Calatrava has to offer.

It is hard enough trying to stay active in the cold Wisconsin winters, and that is why attending the yoga classes at the Calatrava are so beneficial.  Besides the many benefits that yoga has to offer, being in such a calm and stunning environment helps to relax your body and mind and boost your positivity for a great day.

“It was my first yoga class, and I felt wonderful afterwards” said Christine Ciske, a new participant of the Calavtrava’s yoga classes.  No matter if you’re a beginner or if you have been doing yoga for years, all of the classes allow you to move at your own pace and enjoy your time there.

You can pre-register online and find a whole calendar of dates at: