Creative ways to ask out for a dance


As all the school dances approach, such as the Crystal Ball, Senior Ball, and Prom, a simple and casual question, “Will you go to the dance with me?” might work, but if you really want it to be an unforgettable moment, you may want to get creative. Here are some cheesy and sweet ways that you can use to ask that special someone to the dance.

Design a classic banner. Make a giant banner writing out “Will you go to the dance with me?” and have your friends hold it, while you are on the side with some flowers or balloons.

Customize a puzzle. Search websites online that you can use to customize puzzles. Upload an image of you and your significant other and add “Prom?” to it, and then make him/her solve the puzzle.

Decorate your special someone’s room. Buy a bag of starburst candies and write a letter of the alphabet on each one leaving out the letters in your name. Put them all over his/her room with a sign that says, “Look to the stars to see who wants to go to the dance with you.” Then, try and find washable glow-in-the-dark paint, and write your name over the bed so that when he/she turns off the lights to go to sleep, he/she sees your name.

Have a scavenger Hunt. Arrange a cheesy scavenger hunt that leads him/her to you at the end of the hunt with a sign asking him/her to the dance.

Order a Pizza. To make it casual and simple, have a movie date and order some cheese pizza. On the pizza box lid, write out “I know this is cheesy, but will you go to the dance with me?”

Blow up balloons. Have your friends help you blow up as many balloons as possible and fill up your date’s room with them. On the wall, write out, “Will you float to the dance with me?”

Get creative with an old joke. Place the oranges next a sign that says “’Knock, Knock!’ ‘Who’s there?’” and a second sign saying “’Orange.’ ‘Orange you glad you’re getting asked to the dance by this cutie?’”. You can get even more creative and draw cute faces on the oranges with a sharpie.

Hopefully you will have fun experiencing with these ideas and get even more creative with them. Good luck!