Dominick Ropella: West’s own celebrity

It is no question that Dominick Ropella is quite the guy to know. Be it his crazy antics or amazing brilliance, he is an instant day brightener.

Ropella, a senior, is known to bring his humor everywhere he goes. Whether it is talking about the existence of a Pegasus in Spanish class (Senor Braun can attest to that!), or drawing banana cars on his test questions (he’s not sure he got full points), he knows how to get a good laugh out of people. Perhaps he learned it from his older siblings, Kathleen and Mark. It would not be hard to imagine; his brother has a pet hedgehog!

Perhaps it is these qualities that earned him prom king and captain of the cross country team. Running cross country for four years, he made some great memories. In fact, they are the best memories that he can recall from high school.

“It has been a journey full of hardships and successes”, Ropella recalls, “and I am forever happy I joined freshman year.”

As for Ropella’s aspirations, he plans to go to Marquette University to major in electrical engineering. He is excited to leave New Berlin, his home all his life.

“Everyone else at the school may be ready for seniors to leave as well,” he said with a laugh.

As for his other goals, he wishes to travel to Antarctica. If it’s not 100 below, it’s a no go. Furthermore, he seems to have a fairly interesting bucket list. His first goal: Grow wings.

“Science is working on it. Red Bull tried,” he said simply.

Most importantly; however, Dominick Ropella is a natural leader. Be it on the running trails or in the classroom, he sets an exceptional example for everyone around him, although he doesn’t necessarily want the spotlight. If he could rule the world for a day, the first thing he says he would do would be to appoint someone else.

“I have no interest in ruling the world,” he says. “There would be too much stress.”

As for his role models, Ropella points to some of his teachers.

“Mr. Destache challenged me to do my best. Mrs. Lorier was the nicest. Mrs. Leigh was the most interesting to talk to. The list goes on and on.”

His teachers, in fact, are what he says he will miss most about West.

As a final note, Ropella leaves on this; “It has been fun here at West, and as this chapter of my life closes I want to thank everyone who has been a part of it.”