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Is piracy harmful to anyone

April 26, 2020 7:46pm | Aaron Rosenberg

Disclaimer: We are not advising that you go to pirate media. Piracy is copyright infringement and is illegal.  We’ve all seen a lot of anti-piracy campaigns, including the famous “you wouldn’t download a car” campaign (if you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend looking at […]

How to prepare for the ACT tear-less

February 14, 2020 4:33pm | Isabella Alberti

The ACT is often a nerve-wracking test for many students. It can determine which college you get into, and if the goal is to get into your dream school, a good ACT score can be crucial to whether or not you’re admitted. Sometimes the stress […]

Future Cars are in view for Tomorrow

February 7, 2020 4:38pm | Eduardo Velasquez

The evolution of cars changes drastically to its features and benefits to many people’s needs. If someone has a higher budget and is in need of an expensive car, they may incline to a car from certain companies such as Rolls Royce or Mercedes. If […]

Aesthetic Note-taking for Dummies

January 31, 2020 3:56pm | Callie Broaddrick

How to take notes that look nice and help your grades Throughout a student’s time at school, whether it be middle school, high school, or college, taking notes is something that every student will have to do. Notes can be extremely helpful for learning and […]

Why Vinyl is going to outsell CD’s for the first time in 32 years

January 8, 2020 4:23pm | Luke Jensen

Every year since 1987, vinyl has been outsold by CD’s, streaming, and other digital formats. With the introduction of MP3s and streaming, CD sales have fallen drastically, since these mediums offer far more portability and convenience than the Compact Disk, yet by 2018, Vinyl profits […]

Review of It’s A Wonderful Life

December 18, 2019 4:33pm | Ruby McCumber

New Berlin West TAP, or West Theater Arts Program, has been performing shows for 10 years now, and It’s a Wonderful Life is a wonderful show to kick off the year. Unlike other shows, this one has never been performed at West before and was […]

New Berlin honors local veterans’ legacy

December 3, 2019 4:04pm | Connor McKenzie

On Monday, November 11th, many people in the community came together to bring recognition to the proud service veterans have done for our country. There were middle school students from both West and Ike in attendance, as well as countless veterans from the community. There […]

New Berlin West students look to the trades as a good alternative

June 3, 2019 1:21pm | Jay Phelps

Beginning in middle school, New Berlin West’s goal is to prepare students for college and finding the right career. With Academic Career Planning, College Fairs, Job Fairs, Advisory, ACT Prep, ACP, and much more: West’s primary focus is helping you plan for your future, and […]

How to Pop Some Tags

February 22, 2019 1:54pm | Emily Macakanja

If you want to find clothes for a good price but not for bad quality, or clothing that is unique and can easily be personalized, thrift shopping is the way to go. After finding a store it can be difficult to know exactly how and […]

Tiny Homes

February 22, 2019 1:48pm | Hana Mohamed

Whether it’s rented, owned, or on the go, tiny homes have become a new addition to types of homes. Tiny homes have their own movement, where tiny homes are advocated. Tiny homes are relatively new, considering they were first established in 2012 by the Tumbleweed […]