Alex Gress

Alex Gress goes to New Berlin West high school in New Berlin, Wisconsin he is currently on the baseball team and he is hoping to be able to play baseball when he is in college. Alex also likes to just play sports in general. In his free time, he is either throwing a football around, working on baseball skills, or just shooting hoops with his brother or friends. He hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee when he is done with high school and wants to major in something with marketing. When he’s not playing sports he likes to be with his friends and family; he enjoys being with his family for holidays and other important events. Some of Alex’s favorite TV shows are Friends, King of Queens, and his favorite show to watch is Seinfeld. His favorite movie would be either Moneyball or Mr.3000—pretty much any baseball movie. Alex has two brothers, one in 9th grade and one in 10th grade, who also play sports. One plays soccer, and the other plays football for the varsity team.