5 crafty DIY halloween costumes

5 crafty DIY halloween costumes

Carly Nelson, Staff Writer

It is not arguable that fall is a popular season. That being said, Halloween tops the charts for one of the best autumn celebrations. Since it originated in 1942, costumes have always played a factor. However, a number of students, parents, children, etc. that participate in this exciting time of the year find it difficult to afford creative costumes. The clock is ticking down to October 31st, giving everybody less time to find proper attire. With these DIYs you can use your imagination to stand-out and show your creativity for a reasonable cost!

Photo Strip

Step 1: Take three pictures in the outfit that

you are planning on wearing Halloween day.

Step 2: Print the pictures to scale of how large you want your photo strip to be.

Step 3: Arrange the pictures with white duct tape on a cardboard strip. Make sure to leave the second space (counting from the top)

open. The open space will be used to put your face in the hole.

Mother Nature

Step 1: Get a green dress (or other color associated with nature) at a thrift shop or an inexpensive store.

Step 2: Brainstorm ideas that are easy to glue onto fabric (plastic insects, acorns, flowers, feathers, moss, etc.) Get creative!

Step 3: Hot glue the items you brainstormed. You can also glue or sew extra fabric/colors depending on the look you’re aiming for.

Step 4: Glue your brainstormed ideas onto a bobby pin, hair clip, or headband to match your dress.


Step 1: Put on short khaki or plaid pants, dark shoes, white high socks, button up shirt, large plastic glasses, bow tie, and suspenders.

Step 2: Part hair down the middle and slick hair back using hair gel.

Step 3: Wrap the bridge of the glasses with masking tape.


Step 1: Find a white sheet that you don’t use anymore.

Step 2: Use nature-colored fabric markers or paint to make your own design on the sheet. Make sure you leave the least amount of white space possible.

Step 3: Look up how to make your own toga and make one out of the sheet that you designed.

Step 4: Throw on a pair of black or brown combat boots and you’re set!


Step 1: Cut the letters spelling “Barbie” out of white cardboard (paint the white pink), add rhinestones and attach the letters to a white string that will go around your neck.

Step 2: Wear a pink dress with pink high heels (if it’s cold wear tights or leggings). Attach false eyelashes with bright pink lipstick. Straighten your hair (blonde wig is optional).

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