Who did it better: Powder Puff?

Pictured here are the girls from the senior class taking on the girls from the freshman class to start off Powder Puff 2014.

Colt Bender

Pictured here are the girls from the senior class taking on the girls from the freshman class to start off Powder Puff 2014.

Writer, Colt Bender

Over the course of homecoming week, girls from grades 9-12 signed up to participate in powder puff football. Each grade was assigned a class color and on Wednesday night, October 1st, those colors shined under the lights of the gridiron. For the most part, these games were close and intense, featuring girls dragging other girls to the ground just to earn themselves a tackle. On top of that, there was plenty of screaming and cheering as well as trash talking to opposing teams; these girls aren’t ones to mess around with.

If I had to put it into perspective, powder puff did it better than guy poms. Not only did these girls have practices with their designated staff member after school, but they also took it upon themselves to designate a weekend practice. The guy poms’ wasn’t as serious and didn’t have as much intensity as powder puff’s practices did. At this weekend practice, they practiced their offensive and defensive skills as well as ran through plays. They also set time aside for what we football players call “chalk talk”, which includes talking about offensive and defensive strategies. Second to that, is the hype and excitement these girls brought to the field. When all four teams arrived, before they even took the field you could hear cheers from the distance.   It wasn’t just like that to begin the event either, throughout the entire night the atmosphere of the field had high energy. When the boys danced at the pep rally, it didn’t seem like everyone knew what they were doing; they didn’t look as prepared as the powder puff girls. Lastly, the toughness of the girls really stood out. These girls were going after each other with no equipment on and literally tackling each other to the ground; there were no let backs and they were out for blood. The powder puff ladies really showed what they were made of.

Powder puff certainly did it better this year, but I also believe that this trend will continue. These girls are dedicated and willing to do anything at all costs; they definitely go the distance to succeed and put on a show. If guy poms wants a chance to change that trend, they need prepare better with a routine that will blow everybody’s mind. If you didn’t get the chance to make it to powder puff this year, I recommend attending next year or in future years because it is a blast and you will not be disappointed.