Who did it better: Guy Poms?

Jenna Nelson, Staff Writer

On Friday, October 3rd, the NBW guy poms performed at the pep rally. They danced to songs like “Single Ladies,” “Hot in Here,” and Wiz Khalifa’s “We dem Boyz.” It was very fun to watch and laughter could be heard amongst the crowd. Surprisingly, the guys were very organized and had a great routine. It was quite creative and they actually weren’t bad dancers. So the real question is, who did it better, guy poms or powderpuff?

The guys definitely wore it better. They had short skirts and tight shirts that were essentially crop tops. It was priceless. Although there may have been a little too much skin at times, it certainly made for a better performance. You could tell the guys were confident and they loved to show it off. The powderpuff girls failed to look like football players. Some of them wore eye black, but that was the only thing, and it didn’t look intimidating at all.

As for the dance routine, the guys came out in a fierce line and started the dance off with “Single Ladies.” They followed the dance routine from the music video. They almost looked as good as Beyonce. It certainly made the crowd interested in what the next song would be. After “Single Ladies,” they transitioned into Nelly’s “Hot in Here.” They set up in a pyramid formation and hit the floor one by one. It was very smooth, except for one of the guys hitting his face on the floor. He took one for the team, but that didn’t stop him. He bounced right back to his feet. In the next song, “She got a Donk,” the guys shook what their mother’s gave them. They lined up in rows of three and each showed their booties off to the crowd. They did a great job of keeping the crowd engaged with their performance. Finally, they finished with the song, “We dem Boyz.” The boys formed a kick line and all kicked in unison. It was a great way to finish their performance off. The boys were way more organized than the powderpuff teams. The girls couldn’t even run a play efficiently and were just all over the place.

Overall, guy poms did it better than powderpuff. To be honest, nobody expected them to do that great but they proved us wrong. Who would have known that a group of guys could dance that well. It wasn’t just their moves that proved us wrong, but it was also their effort and how well they all worked together. They never failed to entertain at any point. Good luck to next year’s guy poms; it will definitely be tough to top this year’s performance.