‘Annabelle’ doesn’t quite meet expectations


The highly-anticipated horror, Annabelle, provides a suspenseful and frightening plot that keeps each viewer on their seat until the absolute end. Annabelle came out in theatres on October 3rd.

Renee Rose, Staff Writer

The year is 1969 and John Gordon (played by Ward Horton) and his wife Mia (played by Annabelle Wallis) are expecting their first baby. John presents his wife with a gift which Mia has been searching for; a beautiful, rare vintage doll, in a white dress. Soon after, their house is invaded by a man and woman from a satanic cult who brutally murdered the neighbors and attempt to kill Mia and John. As the woman dies, she conjures an entity so malicious that nothing they had done will ever compare to the sinister movements of the damned that is now Annabelle.

Overall, the movie was very enjoyable. However from a movie antic’s point of view, some scare scenes didn’t reveal a scare factor at the same intensity that they advertised. For example, scenes where the character is looking in a different direction while the “thing” behind her starts moving and creeps up isn’t all that frightening. It’s a type of scene that is common in scary movies across the board, therefore it probably went unnoticed to the majority of viewers. In contrast, there were scenes that kept you on the edge of your seat, as props had the tendency to appear out of nowhere and characters brawled amongst each other.

The acting was also questionable in the beginning for Mia and John. The script was written so they seemed more like husband and wife that were in love, but the way the actors let out the lines, the attraction seemed forced and slightly awkward.

At the end of the movie, it mentions that the Annabelle Doll is now locked in a case at the Warrens’ Occult Museum.