Madeline Egan

Madeline Egan is my name, editing opinion articles is my game; that is, when I’m not playing cribbage. I am one of the few surviving members from Mr. Altstadt’s original class of Writing for Publishing: where the magic all began. Throughout my 3 years writing for the Norse Code, his wizardry has improved my skills to realms beyond where my mortal mind had ever thought conceivable. I am currently a senior at New Berlin West and a senior citizen at heart. Oatmeal is my primary sustenance, however; I wouldn’t turn down a steaming cup of hot tea so long as it doesn’t have caffeine. Caffeine would disrupt my napping schedule. When I’m not napping, eating oatmeal, or diligently working on articles for the Norse Code, I’m running. Running from what you may ask? Absolutely nothing. I run for the pure satisfaction that I am in fact not running from anything, but instead running towards a better me.