Hannah Wagner


Hannah Wagner is a sophomore this year at New Berlin West, and it’s her first year working for the Norse Code. She loves reading, anything pertaining to music, and napping. Wagner is on the Cross Country team this year, which she loves a lot, and hopes to play soccer for West this spring. Although she loves music, she has a hard time listening to a full song and tends to skip until she finds the one she was looking for in the first place. When she doesn’t have at least one headphone in her ear, she enjoys binge watching shows on Netflix, watching reruns of The Simpsons or Friends, and writing in the Notes app on her iPod. Wagner also loves reading dystopian YA books and then proceeds to obsess over them. It’s a rare time when she gets to go to concerts but when she does, she proceeds to scream the lyrics while others look at her funny. It’s safe to say Wagner takes too many naps, knows too many songs, and eats a (probably) unhealthy amount of cereal; but that’s alright because it works in her favor.