What to watch to get in the holiday spirit

The Polar Express is one of the many movies that will bring anyone into the Christmas spirit.

The Polar Express is one of the many movies that will bring anyone into the Christmas spirit.

Abby Patterson, Staff Writer

Once October ends and November begins, everything changes. From haunted houses to hot chocolate, horror movies to holiday specials, and leaves falling to snow falling, the whole mood of Wisconsin shifts. If you’re still stuck in October, or just want to get in the holiday spirit, here are some movies and shows you can watch.

The Nightmare before Christmas: Since this movie features both Halloween and Christmas, it’s a good starter to get into the holiday spirit. The film, written by Tim Burton, focuses on Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town. He becomes bored with doing the same thing every year for Halloween, until he discovers Christmas Town. After finding out how wonderful Christmas Town is, he returns to his home to try to get everyone to put on Christmas instead of Halloween. This movie has been a classic for years, and the animation and songs in the film will stick with you and provide for a great film.

Edward Scissorhands: If you enjoy Tim Burton’s quirky and slightly creepy style of directing, you’ll definitely enjoy this movie. In it, a lonely guy named Edward, played by Johnny Depp, lives alone in his creator’s house. He’s not actually a real man, his creator, a mad scientist, made him, but died before completely finishing his creation. He didn’t get to Edward’s hands, so Edward has scissors for hands. This causes him to hide in his house until a traveling sales lady finds him and brings him back to her house. Once there, he meets a girl, and what follows is both a funny and sad story. Since the movie is set during winter and is known to be a holiday movie, it will get you in the spirit and make you think.

Home Alone: This movie is a favorite among many and is a great film fit for all ages. The main character, Kevin McCallister, is sick of his family and wishes they would disappear. Little does he know that his wish will come true- they had plan to go to France together but were in a rush and left Kevin behind. At first, Kevin is extremely happy, until he realizes that two burglars are planning to break into his house. Luckily for Kevin, they aren’t the smartest, and he can beat them. This film has been a classic since it came out, and it’s usually on TV during December, so it’s easy to find and watch.

The Polar Express: When this film first came out, it became an instant favorite and classic because of the beautiful animation and plot. Its plot focuses on a boy who wakes up one night to find a huge train waiting for him outside his driveway. He reluctantly boards and quickly makes new friends and experiences an amazing adventure. This movie is one of my favorites because the characters all have very unique personalities and it’s interesting to see them interact and react to situations. The animation is so detailed that everything almost looks real, which makes it fun to watch no matter your age.

The Year Without a Santa Claus: For most people, the holiday season would not be complete without this movie. This animated movie, which came out in 1974, is all about getting Santa to do his job for Christmas. He has a bad cold and doesn’t want to go out, thinking no one really cares about Christmas. So, Mrs. Claus, with the help of Santa’s elves, sets out to prove him wrong. But, she has to get through Heat Miser and Snow Miser first. The film is very light hearted and great for putting you in a good and happy mood.

Seinfeld- Festivus Episode: When it comes to TV holiday specials, this one has been a classic since it first aired. In the episode, the holidays are nearing, and George’s dad decides to bring back a tradition he used to celebrate frequently- Festivus. Although he hates the holiday, it ends up working out in George’s favor. He has to get presents for everyone at his work, but is too cheap and instead decides to get them donations to a fake charity. His boss finds out, and George uses Festivus as an excuse for not celebrating Christmas and giving actual gifts. His boss is wary though, and asks George to show him what Festivus actually is. If you’re looking for laughs, this episode is definitely a great one to watch.

There are many, many more movies and TV episodes to watch during the holidays, but these choices will be enough to get you in the spirit. In the end, the holidays are a great time to bundle up inside and enjoy a good movie or show in the warmth of your home.