New courses offered for next year

Sabrina French

Recently the district has approved a number of new classes that can be applied for next year. Students are excited for the new options and glad to have a variety of different possibilities.

Alexis Dohm, a Sophomore, comments, “I think it’s great that they’re adding new classes and I love the variety, but I wish that there were more options for Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors. It seems like the majority of the new classes, English electives particularly, are only for seniors.” It is true that many of the new classes are only offered to seniors but there are some offered to the other grades as well, such as Journalism which is offered to grades 9-12.

Cathy Qiu says, “I think Latin is pretty cool, I wish there was more home ec. and useable classes that cater to more careers.” While there are many classes that New Berlin West still doesn’t offer this year, the school is taking a step towards accommodating the interests of the students. Eventually there could be a range of classes that allow students the opportunity to learn what they need to be successful in their future lives.

In the past a common upset concerning New Berlin West was the lack of diverse classes offered to students and even though certain classes have been approved many seniors don’t find this fair. Renee Rose is one of these seniors, “It just seems like any opportunities for “fun” classes I guess were taken away from us or were just never given.” Many seniors feel robbed of certain high school experiences that were available in other schools and will now finally be available next year and in future years. It will be a while before all requested classes will be offered but for now this is what the district is allowing.

Although not every type of class is yet available to New Berlin West the hope is that in the long run there will be classes that give students the chance to achieve their full high school potential.

A couple examples of the new classes available are:

  • American Film: The Two-Way Mirror – learn about American films as stand-alone artistic works and also as works that both reflect and shape American thought, behavior, attitudes, social mores, etc. Grade 12
  • Poetry and Creative Writing Workshop – work on original poetry and short story writing and learn different types of each and develop these skills. Grade 12
  • Latin (online format) – introduce students to the language and culture of the Ancient Romans. Understanding of Roman family customs, religion, government, architecture, and history. Grade 7-12
  • Introduction to Manufacturing – work with a variety of topics related to the field of manufacturing, including the different types of manufacturing, materials used, manufacturing processes, blueprint reading, and safety. Grade 9-12
  • Principles of Biomedical Science – learn concepts of biology and medicine to determine factors that led to the death of a fictional person. Students examine autopsy reports, investigate medical history, and explore medical treatments that might have prolonged the person’s life. Introduce students to human physiology, basic biology, medicine, and research. Grade 9-12
  • Service Learning – participate in off-site, community based volunteer experiences. Students will develop their knowledge, skills, and talents be engaging in real world, hands-on, and meaningful service experiences. Service learning opportunities may include volunteering at: hospitals, day care centers, nursing homes, animal shelters, or other community based organizations. Grade 9-12

A complete list of all the new classes will be available during registration. The tentative date for registration is February 4. There are new classes in almost every field to give a variety of new opportunities for everyone. If you have any questions meet with your guidance counselor to find out more information on these new opportunities.