New science teacher is a Wray of sunshine

I got the chance to sit down with the new science teacher, Jon Wray, last week and it was a great experience. I had heard that this new teacher is funny and really helpful, so I decided to see if this claim was true. When I sat down with him, he was warm and easygoing. He answered my questions with ease even though we had just met.

Wray teaches Chemistry and Honors Chemistry. He has been teaching for 37 years at schools here in the Wisconsin area, including Whitefish Bay, Arrowhead, Kewaskum, and West Bend.

Wray says “I like the kids… It took time to get used to the schedule” when he was asked what he liked about NBW so far. Wray attended UW Lacrosse and got an undergraduate in chemistry and a master’s in education. He says he wanted to be a chemist, but when he realized what they actually did, he decided it was boring, grunt work and decided to pursue the education field instead.

Jia Na Guo, a sophomore at NBW, and commented on her new chemistry teacher “Mr. Wray is really funny. Wray enjoys lasagna, Rock N Roll music, red, and Sci-Fi books. .” He is married with two kids who are both in college, has three brothers and a sister. He says he doesn’t talk to them often, but gets along with them when they do see each other. An interesting fact about Wray is that he used to coach gymnastics and trained Chelsea Memmel’s niece. He also won a National Championship on the pommel horse, an impressive feat.

One of my favorite questions to ask is what people would change about our society. Wray says that if he could change one thing about our society right now it would be all the hate and violence. “Why can’t we all just get along?”