Changing policies

Library Shifts Gears

Emma Karshna, Writer

There have been numerous changes made this year at New Berlin West. From the new block schedule to music jammin’ in the hallway, many improvements have been implemented. One significant adjustment is the new library policy regarding the opportunity to enjoy lunch and talk with friends there. This change may have come as a surprise because of last year’s strict rule of no food or drink and no conversing other than a few whispers.

Why such a huge flip in the rules? Barb Uhen, library media specialist at New Berlin West, told us that the new rule allows more people to come in and work with a group.

“It’s hard to work on a group project in the cafeteria. The library is a good place to work,” Uhen said. “Frankly, as long as kids clean up, I don’t mind the food.”

This new rule works hand in-hand with the newly integrated flex time during the middle of the day during which students are free to do whatever they want. Whether it be getting help from a teacher, working on homework, or simply having a much needed break before the last three hours of the day, the choice is the students’.

The library is now a much more common place for students to gather on a daily basis. The school has even added a small concession stand outside of the library, so your spicy chicken sandwich will never be out of reach.

Having food allowed in the library opens up a new opportunity for any student, especially those without a study hall, to work on assignments without having to sacrifice their lunch period.

The rules in the library are more lenient this year, which is bringing a large amount of students into the library. Won’t that change the whole environment in the library? Aren’t all these new distractions and increased noise level going to hinder the amount of learning and concentration in the library? According to Uhen, that is not the case.

“Even though [studying in the library] can be difficult because of the noise level, room 200 is an option, which lessens complaints,” Uhen told us regarding these issues. “I still see the same amount of children reading during the rest of the day.

With the new food, drink, and conversing policies, the library has become a place for all students to get together to work or to simply enjoy lunch with friends. The library is now getting the traffic and housing the amount of students it was made for, and it is definitely getting more use than it ever has before.