Football team reflects on season, improving for the future

Grant Klusmann, Writer

The New Berlin West Vikings varsity football team had a bit of a rough season, going 2-9. They have lost games against Milwaukee Lutheran, Pius, Greendale, Pewaukee, and Eisenhower among others.

“The biggest problem facing our team is that we’re beating ourselves up,” Says New Berlin West Vikings lineman, Jack Hanley.

However, quarterback, John Koslowski stated “It’s the fundamental things that we are choosing not to do.”
Despite these claims, wide receiver Nick Paget says, “Our problem is the fact that we have too small of a team.”
If these claims are true, then it looks as though the New Berlin West Vikings can set goals next year to work out these problems. If they do work out said problems, then come next season, they may be a force to be reckoned with. However, if the problems remain, they may suffer the same consequences.

If Hanley’s claim is true, then it’s a matter of mental concentration and focus that will ultimately get the team far. This also means having confidence in themselves. According to Jack Hanley, if they correct their mental errors on the field, then they would have better results during games.

If Koslowski’s claim is true, then the New Berlin West Vikings varsity football team can work toward learning many of the fundamentals of football next year. Once they learn the fundamentals of the sport, they may learn more advanced skills and techniques which they can use to be more successful on the field. According to Koslowski, the fundamentals are more important than the more advanced and rather unnecessary techniques being implemented by that of the players of Vikings varsity team.

If Paget’s claim is true, then the varsity team needs to get more players. This means that they might have to reach out to more students and convince them to join the football team. Then, the team would have more stand out players causing the team to have better results.

Additionally, when asking Coach Johnson what the varsity team could do to be more successful on the field, he just replied, “Weight room.” This implies that the coaches want to orientate much of the off season training toward weight lifting. Thus, the coaches believe the problem with the team is their physical conditioning.

It doesn’t help that in the varsity team’s case, based on the highlight reels, they only have a few stand out players, which is clearly not working for them. Notable players include Hanley, Paget, and Koslowski. Furthermore, these players cannot be expected to carry the whole entire team by themselves. Each player must be able to do their own part.

In conclusion, if the varsity football team is to do better, they must get more players, bring more mental focus, and focus more on improving their fundamental skills. If they fix these problems, they may be more successful in games. If they don’t overcome these dilemmas, then they just may be damned to the same results next year.