March Madness- frolf style

Liz Liska, Editor in Chief

Juniors at New Berlin West have partaken in an up and coming sport and are on the road to success. What started as a trip to play a round of frolf has become a rapidly growing institution. Although juniors make up a majority of the players, other students have also joined.

Frolf is a combination of frisbee and golf. Golf rules apply for scoring, but it is played with multiple variations of a frisbee that are designed for distance, accuracy, or a mixed blend of both.
The frolfing league, also known as the Pro Frolfing Tour, organizes various tournaments. In January, they held a Winter Classic, in which Jimmy Romano stood victorious.

Romano entered the tournament as a one seed, defeating Adam Kanter, a 16 seed, in the first round. Romano was set to play the winner of the eight and nine seeds, Chase Kelly and Felipe Marquez respectively. Marquez got the best of Kelly, advancing into the winners bracket and the first upset of the tournament.

A bracket buster occurred between the five and 12 seeds as lower ranked Mikey Wessel pulled ahead of Joey Verhaag. After a score inflation scandal, it was revealed that the higher ranked Verhaag threw the match to go into the easier consolation bracket. The PFT council decided that he was allowed to continue to advance in the tournament, but began each game with a three point deficit.

Four seed Jack Shaffer defeated 13 seed Tej Dhillon to advance. Dhillon had a -1 advantage against Shaffer going into the last two holes, but was ultimately defeated in a close battle.

Facing a natural set back on the course, Adam Fritz and Sami Alfahel competed through strong winds. Fritz, the six seed, defeated the 11 seed Alfahel to move on.

Two seed Mason Kazinski advanced after a defeat of the 15 seed Bibhav Shresta, joining seven seed Dylan Weise after a defeat on the 10 seed Connor Savinac.

Three seed Justice Dodd sent the 14 seed Michael Shannon packing, putting him in contention for the finals.

The second round started with another upset by Wessel by defeating Shaffer –2 to +2.
Romano and Marquez battled it out, but the one seed was too much. Romano secured his spot in the final four.

Six seed Fritz defeated three seed Dodd in a hard fought upset.

The final four was decided after two seed Kazinski defeated the seven seed Weise.

The final round before the championship was set to place: Romano against Wessel and Kazinski against Fritz. Romano defeated the underdog with a score of neg two to par. Fritz pulled out the upset in a neg two to neg one battle.

The championship was held between the one seed Romano and the six seed, Fritz. Holding on to the lead by a narrow margin, it all came down to the last hole. Romano ultimately reigned as champion with a one point defeat, neg four to neg three.

Having hosted a number of tournaments already, such as the Winter Classic and the pairs tournament, the Pro Frolfing Tournament is well on their way to a successful season on the course.

Jimmy Romano , head of  PFT, had only one thing to say- “Frolf is Life.”