Cheap ways to have fun in winter

Amber Allan, Staff Writer

As the holidays are just around the corner, it is only expected that many events will be occurring in the area. The only trouble is, it can be hard to find holiday fun on a low budget. To help, here are a few fun and cheap ways to have an exciting holiday season.

Downtown Milwaukee is filled with interesting holiday events. This includes the Holiday Lights Festival, which goes on for six weeks and will, in the words of a Milwaukee journalist,  “…Spread[s] holiday spirit with animated light displays.” A way to easily view these lights is the Jingle Bus. This is a $1 bus ride which takes you to see the festive lights and sights. It is kid friendly and an overall great experience.

If you’re looking to see a different kind of light festival, Candy Cane Lane is a great spot. The lights are located in multiple neighborhoods in West Allis where you can walk or drive through and take in the holiday lights and colors. The event also raises money for the MACC fund through donations. The Candy Cane Lane Official Website says that there are now more than 300 homes. Since the beginning of Candy Cane Lane, they have raised over $1.6 million for childhood cancer and blood blood disorder research. Candy Cane Lane is a great place to go to have fun with friends and give to a good charity at the same time. Additionally, there is a volunteer option for those who want to help decorate houses. It opened on November 27 and will end on December 23. (Santa will also be there from December 6 to the 23, in case anyone wants to say hi).

Another popular place to go this time of year is Holy Hill. They have many different events happening, including plays such as Mary Advent of Hope and Our Lady Guadalupe. They also have many different concerts that feature holiday music. Many people say that this place gives them peace, so if you need to get something off of your chest before the new year, Holy Hill is a perfect place to go.

One last idea is to take a visit to see Santa Claus. He can usually be found in any mall, such as Brookfield Square. Many people would say that they’re too old to tell Santa what they want for the holidays, but it can still be an enjoyable little thing to do if you want some holiday cheer.

From going to Candy Cane Lane to saying a warm, jolly hello to Mr. Claus, there’s always some cheap and fun ways to spend your winter season.