Unique for a change



There are many unique places to explore in downtown Milwaukee.

Sophia Magyar, Staff Writer

Living in New Berlin can get to be pretty boring as it’s a small town and there’s not much to do besides go out to eat.To find a change of scenery, try exploring around downtown and you’ll find some pretty unique places.

Around the lakefront there are many places that are a quick fix for a boring weekend. One place, Discovery World, is worth checking out. Discovery World charges $18 dollars for admission and included you get a world of technology, an aquarium, and a beautiful view of the lake. Another sight that features beautiful sightseeing is the NorthPoint Lighthouse. The lighthouse offers a museum and breathtaking views of the lake as one can climb to the top.

To get some coffee or tea while checking out the lake, check out Colectivo Lakefront Cafe. Colectivo was formerly known as Alterra; even though the name changed, the quality of food and drinks has remained the same. Although known for it’s coffee, Colectivo has expanded on the food they serve, such as soups and sandwiches.The unique thing about this particular Colectivo is that it has an architectural structure unlike the others.

The thought of being trapped in a chamber may not sound like the ideal way to spend a Saturday but it could actually be one of the most exciting things you’ve done yet. Located on Wisconsin Avenue are the Escape Chambers MKE, which offer a once in lifetime experience. There are multiple situations such as The Heist, Stalk Photo, Containment, and The Assignment, where your group is placed in to solve the mystery and escape. Reservation must be booked online in advance and is 30 dollars per person.

Just about a 5 minute drive from the lakefront is the Historic Third Ward which offers many hidden treasures. At night taking a stroll along the river provides breathtaking views of the city as lights from buildings of different colors are reflected. Rustico Pizzeria is a great hole in the wall restaurant that serves a wide variety of unique pizza combinations and pastas. The atmosphere provides a classy feel while still being reasonably priced.

I recently discovered the Radio Milwaukee Cafe while simply driving past and it turns out to be a really cool place. Radio Milwaukee serves as a coffee shop but it’s also home to Milwaukee’s  own radio station 88.9.

On the other side of town, Historic Brady street has some of the quirkiest places to check out. The Holton Bridge Swings is a park unlike any other, as the swings are built into the bridge. Numerous  people have come to call this park Swing Bridge. Brady street offers a variety of different places to grab a quick bite to eat such as Thynamite and Glorioso’s Italian Grocery Store. To get a fix of caffeine, Rachambo Coffee and Tea House and Brewed Cafe are two very quaint coffee shops with an indie vibe.

Sure we have a ton of restaurants in New Berlin, but they are almost all fast food and there’s nothing exciting about going to a fast food place. Downtown offers much more interesting dining options that are worth checking out. One example, Safe House, is a spy themed restaurant that includes a spy museum inside and a password at the door to get in. Although currently under renovation when re-opened it’s expected to be bigger than ever.

Milwaukee has an abundance of theaters and live music venues that offer everything from comedy shows to big screen movies. The Pabst, the Riverside, and Turner Hall are three historically beautiful places that offer some of the best live music around. Looking to catch a movie? A great place to catch a flick is the historic Oriental Theater which is the only spot in Milwaukee where you can see The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Only about a 20 minute drive from New Berlin and you experience different feelings when you hit the city. Large skyscrapers, Lake Michigan, and quirky little restaurants on every corner fill the view while entering Downtown Milwaukee. As New Berlin can be a pretty boring town, Milwaukee, in stark contrast, has unique places that shouldn’t go undiscovered and so I challenge you to go discover them.